'cooked' fresh vegetables and fruit

I'm putting this here rather than in the general recipes section because I think it kind of applies to bento cooking in terms of increasing food safety, and so I'm hoping there might be lots of bento-intended recipes that will work quite well. :) continue reading...

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...And this is today's bento.
I'm so happy I managed to prepare more than 10 bentos! :D I find this challenging and also very funny and creative :) Apart from the money-saving issue ;) continue reading...

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This is today's bento.
We are still out of veggies so I had to use the only fruit we had at home: oranges. continue reading...

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Today's bento.
Just some strawberry with pasta and pork meat with apple sauce continue reading...

How do I know what Fruits and Veggies are in season?


How do I know what Fruits and Veggies are in season?

I know some obvious stuff like apples and squash in fall, and watermelon in summer. But there are lots of produce that I'm not sure.... People say look at the prices, but I haven't been shopping for myself much - and when I wanted strawberries in the dead of winter - I'd buy them. Now I want to be a financially sound consumer...

P.S. I live in the Northern Hemisphere - PA - USA....