Any other VERY HUNGRY veg*ns out there have trouble feeling full?

I just got this box from Borders, and while it is quite large (almost 4 cups!) and I am one who definitely needs to use bento to control my diet, I actually am pleased with the size. I am a vegan-leaning vegetarian, for 2+ years now so it's not like I drastically changed my diet recently, and lately I simply can not reach a point of satiety. I pack a healthy amount (1 cup of brown rice, about 1/2 cup of beans or occasionally tofu, and some veggies and fruit) into a 2.5ish box I have, but this just isn't cutting it. continue reading...

Homemade vegetarian kimchi recipe

[I know I haven’t been posting a lot of recipes lately…travelling around so much does that to you. So here’s a great recipe for vegetarian/vegan kimchi from the forums, by Stephanie.! - maki]

I recently started making my own kimchi, because I was having trouble finding one that was fish free and without a ton of additives. It is super easy and easily customizable. continue reading...

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This is today's bento. No big deal. continue reading...

Vegan pasta with no-cook tomato 'sauce'

Here's my contribution to the May vegetarian theme:

3 medium sized ripened tomatoes with lots of flavour
1 garlic clove - grated with a wasabi grater, crushed or finely chopped
1 tablespoon of rinsed capers, chopped
8 olives, sliced (I use green, manzanilla olives)
1 finely sliced shallot (alternatively, use scallion/spring onion or a small piece of onion)
3 to 4 tablespoons of good olive oil
enough dried pasta (your choice) for two portions continue reading...

Tea Jelly

I have just posted my first jelly recipe over at my blog (, but since a few people over here seemed interested in it, I decided that I should probably post it over here too:

Tea Jelly

500ml of water
4+ tea bags of your choice
sugar to taste (I use raw cane sugar, but I’ve even used Splenda)
2 packets of agar powder continue reading...

Adventures in Udon Making

Before I scare anyone away from udon, the link Stephanie includes below shows a MUCH easier way to make them.

single bento boy's link in this thread: got me watching the movie "Udon"
Within minutes I started drooling and hankering after the kind of udon I'd eaten in Takamatsu.
I went back to a recipe I'd used before: - worth reading to get an idea on how the weather affects the amount of salt you should use continue reading...

Spicy mashed bean wrap (Vegan)


1 can of kidney beans - rinsed
1 small onion - chopped
2 garlic cloves - chopped
optional - chopped fresh chilis to taste
1 tablespoon of mild or hot chili powder
olive oil (or use another vegetable oil such as canola/rapeseed if you prefer)

Empty the drained and rinsed kidney beans into a bowl and mash them thoroughly with a fork, add some salt to taste. continue reading...

Vegan miso based soup

I was given an outline of this recipe by an acquaintance who lived in Kyushu, South West Japan and it's now become a household staple.

- Into a large saucepan add a mixture of vegetable oils (I suggest good quality olive oil, canola/rape seed oil, and sesame oil). A tablespoon or two in total should be enough.

- Gently heat a sliced onion until soft. continue reading...