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My Bento Website Is Live: Grand Opening www.happyjapan.net

Hi Everybody,

My website is live as of Monday morning! I carry a wide variety of hard to find bentos like Isso Ecco, Prime Nakamura, Nikyoro, Cram Cream, Totoro (Skater)...etc.

We are based out of Nashville, TN and have already imported the products on our site, so it won't take 2 months. In stock items ship out next day.

Come and check it out! http://www.happyjapan.net.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you all so much!

Laura, Owner
info [at] happyjapan [dot] net

Lock and Lock lunch set

I know these are next to impossible to find. But... if anyone is able to get ahold of one of these great sets I would be so greatful.


here is the link so you can see the set(s) I am talking about.

Mr or Ms Bento

Does anyone have any ideas on how to get a Mr or MS Bento (Or similar item such as the Thermos Nissan?) in the UK without costing an arm and a leg? I have tried with no success to track one down. I'd really appreciate ant hints or tips on getting this. I'm not interested in joining Ebay and Paypal solely to get this item as I've been a member previously and been stung :0(

Thanks in advance for any help!

Lychee Tree Stores

Anyone in the USA have a Lychee Tree store near you?

We have one in my town and it's great for bentos and supplies. It's a dollar type store, well 1.50 anyway, and up. I got some putifresh bento boxes for about $2. each!