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Single serve pack of Kewpie, etc


Does anyone have a source for single serve packets of Kewpie mayo, or other condiments? I haven't been able to find them in my local Asian markets or online.

Thanks so much!

Bento Box And Bento Making Goods From Japan

Hi!! I’m thrilled to offer you cute bento boxes and bento making items (egg shaper, food cutter, onigiri mold, nori cutter, bento cups and etc) . Every item on our site is hand selected, packaged and shipped from the Japanese countryside like you shopped there yourself. Chosen for an international audience you will find an eclectic collection of items far beyond the typical Hello Kitty gadgets people associate with Japanese retail products.


Stores in the Netherlands

Since I started bento-ing I have been trying to find good stores for bento-stuff in the Netherlands... which is not easy. While there are a lot of small eastern supermarkets in Nijmegen, they are usually more focussed on Indonesian and Chinese products.
But... a while ago I went to a very very big Asian supermarket, it's calles Amazing Oriental and they have quite a few stores across the country. The first time I went to Delft, I think this is the biggest, and yesterday I went to Arnhem, which is smaller, but they've got a lot of useful products. continue reading...

Bento Lunch Boxes, Bags and Bands now available!

In time for the back to school!

Pack a lunch for your child (or yourself) in a stylish handmade lunch bag! I designed these bags originally to accommodate a Japanese bento style lunch box and a bottle of water or juice for my son. The bag folds up small enough to be tucked in a purse or pocket for storage.

Also great for :
• for American style lunches
• as a small project bag
• a small tote
• a gift bag
• a small shopping bag
• a purse
• Trick or Treat bag for Halloween
• and oodles of other uses! continue reading...

Kam Man Foods Chinatown NY

Hi! Have any of you ever been to Kam Man foods? No well I could probably describe the whole store in this post. First floor: Daifuku, Pocky, and almost any other sweet imaginable. Basement: Dum Dum Dum OVERPRICED BENTOS!!!NOOOOO!! I was told that they were in the $3-$8 range, wrong $30 for a very simple, very small, two-tiered bento box! Though that was the one with the purtey Sakura Blossoms. So I was forced to buy the $3 clear bento sigh oh well a bento is a bento i guess… Anyway I did like Kam Man Foods for their condiments and presses and things of the sort. continue reading...

Musubi Press?

Can anyone help me find a spam musubi press online with a seller who will deliver to UK pleeeeeaaaassseeeeee!!!! I'm risking my fingers here to make my fav food every time for my bento!

Awesome US Ebay sellers.

I've bought all of my bento supplies on Ebay, so I'd love to share the sellers I used, because I had absolutely fantastic experiences with them. These are all located in the US, which was a high priority for me since it meant lower shipping. I was also very pleased with the prices of all the individual items I purchased. continue reading...

Where to buy in Japan?


We're on a trip to Japan on May (yes... maybe I post this too soon but I'm oh-so-excited about this!! yay!) we're probably going to tokyo and kyoto and somewhere else we are still discussing.

I'd love to know if I can buy bento gear anywhere (i mean combinis) or if there are specific places to buy, like malls or places like that.
By bento gear i mean things different than the ones appearing on on-line shops or e-bay. I'm very sick of anime-decorated or childish bentos, I'd love to buy cute yet "adult" boxes.

Any advice will be very appreciated :D

Thanks in advance!!! *n_n*