Ask Maki Non-Food Questions

Next Contest thinngie-ma-bob ( That is an awesome word...)

Hi, Maki!!! Just wondering when your next comment/forum contest will be! No rush. I'm just UBER bored so I've been on here practically all day getting inspired(and hungry...:P)

Posting photos from computer picture file to blog

I am brand new to writting a blog and would like to know how to manage my photos on my pc so that I can upload them to my blog. They are uploaded into a Picture File on my hard drive. Any guidance would be appreciated. Do I have to upload to flicker first?

Foodie Movies

Hello all,
So, yesterday I introduced my girlfriend to the excellent foodie film, Tampopo. In the process
I began to wonder about other good foodie movies out there. Anyone have any recommendations?


pdf files are doing funny things

Hi Maki,

I've been downloading a bunch of the pdf versions of your recipes, and I've noticed that in at least one case, the file has omitted parts of sentences (the one I noticed is in the gomashio furikake article, where the pdf file says "I think I'd want a bit more than that in my bento box, but there osekihan Japanese azuki beans and rice."). continue reading...

How to get a blog?

I was thinking I might like to do a blog to track my progress, but I'm not sure where to get one or how to start. Are there blog hosting sites? I have a facebook account, and a yahoo account but don't see any blog areas on them. I also have a gmail account. What do most people use?