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This is a replacement for the Ask Maki Almost Anything page, which has accumulated 270 comments. I figured that a forum format was much more suited for this kind of thing, so here it is! Please post your non-food-related questions that you really really want to address to Maki here, rather than the whole community (which should go in the appropriate categories.)

Note that I may not always be able to answer things in a timely manner, or at all. continue reading...

Learning multiple languages

I'm a current high school student taking French. My high school only offers two years and I would like to continue past this point. Not only do I wish to learn French, but Japanese as well. (My plans are to become an English teacher in Japan.) I have to work very hard to learn French because I don't have a good memory. What is the best way for me to learn French and Japanese?

Moss temple in Kyoto

Hi Maki,
I've browsing your "Just Hungry" site and found the Kyoto trip reportage, it is wonderful, as are the pictures. At the last week of July/beginning of August I'll be in Kyoto for 2 weeks, one for holidays and one for a congress, and I've been browsing around for things to do.
One thing that I would really want to do is to visit the "Moss temple", the Kokedera, I love gardens and moss, and in the heat of summer it sounds like the perfect place to be, quiet and fresh(er). continue reading...

Japanese coffee equipment

Recently i've noticed a renewed interest in pour-over coffee.
Prominently used by Intelligenstia Coffee are Japanese drippers, carafes, and a very cool kettle by Hario. Blue Bottle Coffee in San Francisco features an 8-hour "Kyoto style" drip coffee. continue reading...

How to find my favourited recipes

Hi Maki

I am having difficulties in accessing my justhungry favourited recipes. Usually I start on justbento, choose 'Your favorites' and get a list of my justbento favourites and a link to my justhungry favourites. This link now does not work for me. I get an error message.

Have I got some set-up problem or is there a website problem?

Is there a way of getting to my justhungry favourites directly from the justhungry website?

Don't waste holiday time on this. Whenever you have time will do.



growing edamame

I would like to try to grow edamame, since here where I live I can only get the frozen kind, which is very expensive... moreover, spring has just begun, and I'm looking forword to spending more time outside the university's library ;-)
does anyone have suggestions? I have read the post about growing Japanese herbs and vegetables, but there was not much information on edamame..

Grilling on induction cooktop

I've just remodelled my kitchen with an induction cooktop and am cautiously collecting my new cooking equipment. Will one of those small Japanese stovetop grills work on this type of cooktop? I am unclear as to whether it is the grill surface or the heat from below that cooks food on regular cooktops. I was not successful with using a stovetop grill on my old electric cooktop.

Gomen, Gomen, but this has nothing to do with bento...

I needed someone's opinion. Should I get a Harajuku or a lolita costume?!!
Go to party city dot com and click see all teens they are on the 3rd or 4th page next to each other! Thanks in advance!!!!!!

P.S-It's Japanese right?^^'