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is my bulldog sauce expired!!??

ok so I bought this bulldog yakisoba sauce bottle and I just noticed on it there is a date of 2004.01.21!

I cant read the kanji and I do not know if it means expiration or sell by date...

any thoughts?

Im hungry for yakisoba! yummmmmm......

That book!

I'm impatient, I had to buy it. Shoujin cuisine was something I've heard about but never had the opportunity to try.

Maki's review is pretty accurate for all the non-winners who are considering parting with their cash -- the first impressions are pretty good. continue reading...

Cooking rice overnight

Hi, new here ^_^
I'm considering buying a rice cooker and whether I should go for a model with a preset timer.
If I did purchase one that has this feature I'm wondering, not having used a rice cooker before, how I would go about having rice ready in the morning when I wake up.
Would I have to leave the rice soaking in the water until the start time, in that case wouldn't that spoil the rice??
Or would I be simply using a warmer function... or both.
Help please: Thanks!

Ponzu Sauce

Hi Maki,

Good day! I was wondering if you could share how you make ponzu sauce. I really enjoy tasting the ponzu from the Japanese restaurants. Tried making my own from a recipe I was given and did not care for the taste too much. It tasted quite different from the ones I have had at the restaurants.

Do you actually make your own or do you buy the pre made bottles from the grocery store. If so, could you share which brand you actually buy?


Storing Rice

Cooking rice usually takes me at least an hour, and I usually only get home at 5 in the afternoon. I also don't like eating very late in the day, so naturally cooking is a bit of a time conflict, and I'm usually trying to find ways to cut down on the time I use to cook rice. I figure cutting out rice washing would cut time in half. But is it a good idea to store rice after it's been washed and drained for a long time, or should it be used pretty soon after?

Onoono / Kaku (各) in Japanese Recipes?

I was trying to translate this word, 各, but I'm still puzzled after finding the meaning. I read that it means, "each, every, either", but I'm not sure how that works in a recipe. In one recipe, it was used twice with liquids, "酒各小さじ1" and "水各大さじ1/2".

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks! :)

Katsuo Furikake?

I don't usually impulse buy foods online that I've never tried, but I did this time and I'm really regretting it. I ordered Katsuo Furikake, thinking "Oh, that sounds great!" only to open it, sniff, and become repulsed at the aroma.

Will it keep its retched smell over time or will it subside?
Would anyone want to buy this off of me? $2.00 (was bought for $2.19? plus s&h ?


japanese salad dressing

Hi Maki,

I've been to a japanese restaurant and I asked a bento bok for lunch. It had (among lots of other things) a simple green salad with a dressing that was to die for. I had it on some other restaurants so I guess this is a common recipe...
The sauce was rather... "solid" i guess it has grated ginger... I'd love to dress my salads with it. Can you help me maki? :D

Thanks!! :D