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Well, it's one way of making sure I stick to my exercise...

I've signed up for the Race for Life!
I'm running in memory of my MiL who died of breast cancer in Dec 2007.

I know it's not exactly a marathon, but it's been a while since I was built for running! This means I'll have to kick my healthy bento and exercise challenge up a notch or two. I'm excited, but nervous as well. I have been known to set myself unrealistic goals and completely fail to reach them! This isn't. I have 4 months to get myself ready and am confident as long as I put the effort in I should be ok.

Anyone else running this year?

Couch Potatoes Unite

(from the forum)

So... so far, I have been able to meet my bento challenge goals, and other meals have been ok. BUT...for some reason I'm having such a hard time getting my butt off the couch and exercising! My main excuse is that it's so cold outside, and the streets are often slushy or icy, etc...but I have all kinds of indoors gear, from exercise videos to Wii Fit and Wii DDR. But I still can't get moving.

Anyone else having similar problems? What gets you moving?

Free HBO!

This is sort of random, but it's so great I thought I'd share. If you are a cable TV subscriber but do NOT have HBO, they've made it free for everyone this weekend so that we can watch the beautiful inaugural celebrations happening in Washington. It's under way now (3:30pm EST) and will be on for several more hours at least.


I have lost my camera

*sniffles* I've lost my camera and haven't been able to post any of the bento I've made :( But I'm still keeping to the challenge regardless so, ^_______^

English version of kakeibo

Does anyone know of an English version of a kakeibo? Does on exist?

Master Cook 9?

I find it useful for keeping track of recipies I like and for nutritional analysises, it also has a function that allows you to keep track of what you need to buy and how much it would cost. I think It's quite an old programe, but It still seems to do everything I want it too, and I should imagine it's even more useful for a person who does the shopping. Does anyone else have it, or a similar programe?

Bento Challenge Ravelry group

So I want to start up a Ravelry group for us knitters doing the bento challenge. If you are interested please reply with your ravelry user name. Once I have at least 3 I will make the group and post about it on here!