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Losing-weight bullying?

Has anyone ever made some rather extreme thoughts about you losing weight?

I have.
Apparently, my housemates (who are trying to lose weight too) do not seem to happy about me losing weight because I eat less. It seems to me that they now see me as anorexic because of what I eat and the fact that I say no to unhealthy foods :c They even think I don't eat when I DO eat! I only make healthy changes to my eating, that's all. continue reading...

Rice cooker help(do I really need one?)

(An interesting discussion from the forums. Jump in, and enjoy your weekend!)

I do the cooking as my SO has a tendency to burn boiled water. He came with a massive 1-setting cheapo rice cooker, and he doesn’t understand why I want to boot it into space. It’s a 10-cup cooker, at least, and at most we only need a couple cups at a time. I’ve had to resort to cooking rice in a pot so I don’t have to make a cup extra just so it can get burned to the bottom. continue reading...

What have YOU got out of the Just Bento/Hungry sites?

Obviously there are the recipes, but I've found that I've benefited from these sites in rather unexpected ways. Particularly now the forums are up and running. By answering others, and checking the accuracy of those answers, I've come across valuable information I didn't know.

- There was a recent post on Kimchi. When scrabbling around for some suitable links I discovered that New Malden (a small town on the outskirts of London) is the most densely populated area of Koreans outside of the Korean peninsula (over 30,000). continue reading...

I'm on the road and a bit behind

Hi everyone. I've been offline for 2 days, with good reason though - I've finally moved out and am now officially homeless! Thursday was moving day, where we put most of our worldly possessions in storage. (And the moved was supposed to only take about 3 hours, and ended up taking all day). Today we drove for 8+ hours and are now somewhere in France. I couldn't get online Thursday (well actually I could have but just dropped down dead as soon as we got to the hotel) and well, here I am online finally at 1:30 AM on Sat. So, any pending questions and stuff...I'll try to get to tomorrow. continue reading...

A flicr question

I'm sorry that this isn't stricltly relevent, but how do you get those weird boxes you can mouse over on flicr? I've seen them on a number of bento posts and they seem very useful but I can't figure out how to put them on.

Valentine's eating

I was sitting here this morning, eating my breakfast, and I have to say that eating Fage greek yogurt (2%) and honey is a very sensual experience. The drizzling of the honey into the cup of creamy, dense yogurt , the golden streams of sticky! So I wanted to know dear panel...what foods do you find sexy? What are you gonna cook for St. Valentine's day? Do you and your lovey have a meal that just sends you beyond distraction? Please share.

Victoria wildfires

Some of you may not be aware that the state of Victoria in Australia is suffering its worst natural disaster ever. Wildfires are raging and have killed at least 160 people, many of them very near Melbourne. In addition to this, hundreds of homes have been lost. continue reading...

Looking for guest posters on Just Bento for March

(from the forum, updated)

As I’ve mentioned earlier, I’m moving at the end of February (we have to vacate on the 26th at 1:30 PM to be precise!) We are going to be nomads for the month of March, as we investigate some areas we are interested in moving to. In other words, March is going to be even nuttier than February. So, I’m looking for some guest posts for Just Bento. If you have a bento blog, food blog, or any kind of blog that you’d like to draw more attention to, this is a good chance to do so. continue reading...