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Anyone here watch Food Network?

I'm not a reality show-cultist but I watch whatever is most interesting on tv at the gym (16 channels! Woo!) which usually means Food Network (yes I'm aware of the irony.)

Tonight on Chopped the four chefs had to make an appetizer using nori, maple syrup and some fancy cut of beef.

Only one guy seemed to have any idea what he was doing, and then he argued with the judges.

Then the one woman on the show draped the nori over her meat like a tent ;_;

I didn't stick around to find out who got the boot though. continue reading...

Line-drying Clothes

Can anyone here who regularly line-dries clothing give me some advice?

Every once in a while, I gear up to make my life more eco-friendly. I tried line-drying one time, but my clothes turned out smelling bad. People have told me "Ah, that's just the smell of the great outdoors!" but no. I mean they smelled BAAAAAAAD! As in carry them to another room and they leave odor trails. As in forget the Febreeze and wash the things a second time. That bad.
Since I can't do much about the pollution in my area, here's some of my other thoughts:

1. Drying in the bathroom. continue reading...

New Bento Eater

It's almost three weeks since the birth of my daughter (she was due about a week ago).

She weighed just under 3kgs. Her appetite is absolutely voracious, so she's gaining weight by the day. It also means that it is very rare for me to be awake and have more than one hand free - all my recent posts have been one handed. I'm sure this won't change for a while. continue reading...

Bento fillers and side dishes

I'm a bento novice.......starting my second week! Is there a spot on JustBento where I can find ideas for fillers and side dishes? I think my kids are getting tired of cherry tomatoes, heh-heh-heh.....
Thanks for the awesome website!

Your favorite food movies?

With the much anticipated release of Julie & Julia yesterday in the U.S. (see here for upcoming release dates in other countries - I won’t be able to see it until September, rats!), I thought it might be fun to talk about our favorite movies in which food plays a major role. Here are some of mine -

The pantheon: continue reading...

  • Tampopo - could just possibly be my all time favorite movie, period.

Bento seduction?

I don't know how many of you here in the states listen to The Splendid Table with Lynne Rossetto Kasper, but I'll be featured in today's episode on many NPR stations. Check your local listings! You can also hear the interview and see why I'm the inaugural Gastrosexual of the Month for May at --sadly the producers edited out the part where I spoke about Just Bento and Maki, but I think it was the photo I sent in of my Girl's Day bento that clinched the win. Woo ;-)

MasterChef Australia

I am a big fan of the original UK version of MasterChef on BBC2. (I even did the ingredient challenges for series 3 and blogged my attempts on Just Hungry. I blog about MasterChef a lot.)

Anyway, I recently discovered the Australian version of MasterChef via nefarious (cough) means. It’s quite different from the British version, but I’m hooked! continue reading...