Hi from Perth, Western Australia

Hi all,

My name is Lucy and I just signed up this morning. I've been reading this site and others for a long time.

Lately I've been super lazy at work and buying my lunch. Not good for my waistline or my wallet!

I'm definitely hoping that making this change will help me feel more positive. I like being organised but find it difficult sometimes. I love the environment but buying my lunch is not so sustainable. I love eating healthy but healthy eating options can be hard to find around my office (and especially hard if I'm in the field!).

Hope you're all having a great weekend :)

Hello from Jolly ol' England.

Hi :)

I'm Katy, I'm 23 and from Derbyshire in the north of England. I love to cook but have recently got a bit lazy as my work dictates how/when I can eat. I work at a cinema so I'm surrounded by snacks and 3/7 a week work evenings so I can't sit down for a hot meal very much. continue reading...

Hello from Canada!

I'm 18 years old and I'm so excited to start using a bento box. For me it's not just eating in a different container- It's... actually eating a lunch! Lunch for me has always been a thing to dread. I survived just these past two years eating only apple slices, grapes and diet Coke for lunch. I was not a happy camper and would stuff my face as soon as I got home. It was awful! continue reading...

Another student

Why hello there! ^_^ I'm Leelee also known as laplinp around the interwebs in other places and I am 20 years old and a student at De Montfort University studying Media Production BSc (which means theres maths and electronics involved :( ). And I have only just started getting into Bento and have made loads of recipes of Maki's (in fact I am doing some more tonight to replenish my dwindling freezer stock)
My only trouble is the veg. I love veg but it goes off so quick and its not very cheap. I need to find ways of making it interesting and freezable. continue reading...

Hi from New Zealand

I have been enjoying this site for over a year so I guess I should really say hello.
I am not sure how I found it. I think I must have been Googling for a recipe and chanced upon it. Anyway I bookmarked it and kept revisiting it for great recipes. Then I registered so I could have a list of my favourites or ideas I wanted to go back to.
I have had enormous pleasure both from reading Maki's commentary and from trying the recipes. continue reading...

Bento chef in training says hi

Hello everyone =) I am Yamato, Cooking is hobby of mine and after visiting this site and viewed all the wonderful recipe here I wanted to join this community of people who share my hobby of food. I just started to make bento food only recently, I'll be in everyone's care =)

Busy mom saying hello

Hi all.
This is my first post. I'm a mom working two jobs and trying to get away from daddy sending t.v. dinners to the baby sitters. I'm just now getting started. Interested in making some of the cute stuff, but may not go totally japanese since my kids haven't eaten anything Japanese yet unless you count bourbon chicken at the mall food court.

They do like my americanized rendition of stirfry, but much prefer their nuggets. I'm a personal fan of German food having lived there six years and think some of it may render itself to easy bento boxes if prepared in advance. continue reading...


Hello everyone :)

I'm Fuchan, I'm 27 and I'm from England.

I have Dyspraxia and Asbergers Syndrome.

I want to make bento because I want to lose weight and because they look cute and fun.