My name's Diana. I was born and raised the Mexico, then moved to the US to take care of my grandmother after college. There I met and married a military man and we're currently living in Okinawa, Japan. We just arrived last fall and have a four year tour, so I'll have a lot of time to buy bento supplies!!

Hello Everyone

Is it wrong I am ridiculously excited about this challenge?! continue reading...

Hello from a So Cal vegetarian!

Hi everyone! *waves* I'm excited for the challenge, especially since I lapsed in making bentos last semester. I got busy with work (I work full-time at a university), grad school and TAing, which left little time for bento-making! T____T

But, I'm using the challenge to get back in the habit and to make nutritious and attractive (not artsy or cute, but visually attractive enough to eat) bentos that I'll remember to eat (I sometimes get so busy at work that I forget to eat lunch). continue reading...

Nice to meet you all

I have read all introductions up to this point, but since I am reading at work, I don't really have the opportunity to respond to everyone - Hello everyone!

I have been "bento-ing" for just a few short months although I have always been interested in Japanese culture (shoot, I used to watch Iron Chef on the local Japanese channel, with subtitles before it ever hit the foodnetwork!) continue reading...


Hi! I'm Shay, 24 years old, and live in Oklahoma right now, attending grad school. I actually did have a decent bento habit last spring, but due to summer vacation and scheduling snafus that didn't allow a lunch break last semester, I've fallen out of the habit. So I've signed up for this because I really want to get back in the habit of making bento. Previously, I didn't make that many Japanese style bento with rice. I tended to explore the whole spectrum. I'm also very fond of soups in my thermos container. Anyway, good luck to all of us doing the challenge!

Hello everyone!

Hi there! I'm Zora, from Tennessee. I've been bento-ing for my husband and myself for about, hmm, almost 3 years now... I originally started making bento after our honeymoon in Tokyo; we have always loved Japanese food, and after seeing all the different bento in restaurants, department-store food floors, cookbooks, etc. on our trip, I bought a couple basic boxes so I could give it a try.... and well, I got hooked! :) continue reading...


Hi, everybody!

I am p3trus; I'm 28 (soon 29), I live in East of France.
Last year I decided to have lunch in bento boxes, for a better health-control.
The 8-8-8, I opened a blog :
Just Bento is one of my favorite food-websites!!!!

(and I try to write in correct English!!!)


Hi all from the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. I saw a mention of "BENTO" on a diet site (maybe weight watchers??). I had never seen the word before much less heard of the concept. So what do I do? GOOGLE of course, LOL. And that's where I discovered just exactly what a bento box was. I was fascinated and hooked. I started making bentos when school started and make them every day for my 17 yr old daughter. My 21 yr old son is now asking for them on days when he has classes. Mine are not artistic or usually even "pretty" but they are healthy and filling which were my priorities for my kids. continue reading...