Greetings from Indonesia :)

Hello, I'm Josey. I'm 17, and is still a high school student in Indonesia.
I have just learned how to make bentos (and cook), since I am going to move to Singapore for university soon, and when I found this site, it gives me a great idea to practice making my own bentos so I can save my pocket money and maintain my health easier.

I will learn a lot from you all, and I hope I can help you in return! :)

Hello from NYC

My name is Kerstin and I currently live in NYC. I have been making bentos for a few months now, basically since my husband was diagnosed with celiacs and we were trying to figure out a way for him to have gluten free lunches (on a budget!). I've always loved cooking & I love japanese food, so after a little googling I came to justbento. I was completely convinced after I purchased the Just Bento Cookbook. This book is amazing and very inspiring. It encouraged me to try out a lot of different foods & be more creative with my food. continue reading...


Hi! My name is Ashley (You can call me Atomic or Darling or AtomicDarling or any further variation of :p). I just recently began making bento meals for myself and my husband in an effort for both of us to eat healthier and possibly lose weight.

I'm not so great at these introduction things so I'm going to leave it at this for now. I just wanted to say "Hello!" ^_^

Hello from Germany

Hello to all,
am 46 year old and work as a secretary. I often have lunch in the office, often with cookies. What is not very healthy. Some days ago I visited a Japanese restaurant, where you can eat bento. So I have had a look in the internet and found this site. Today I had bento instead of cookies in the office for lunch ;-)).
What else could I tell you? I am not married, but I live for about 20 years with my partner. We have no children. My hobbies are cooking (and eating ;-)) ), reading, travelling, drawing etc.

Greetings from Germany!

Hi everyone,

I'm Katie, 17, live in Germany, and I started reading about bento on and just a week ago, and I'm not embarrassed to admit I spent hours reading every single post and browsing bento stores online. ... okay, maybe a little. continue reading...

Hi from the Netherlands!


I'm Judith, a 32 y/o mom from the netherlands.

It's just a couple of days ago since it was the first time I ever heard of bento; but I'm amazed and got very excited about it!

For our daughter was born I already was regulating my food pattern; I'm overweight since I was 6 y/o; and I'm raised along western ideas; and I'm really dutch; tall with a strong body; not really tiny. continue reading...

Hello from the NE USA! ^^


I'm Miso.Desi, and I'm new here. ^^

I've always really loved Japanese food, for some reason I've always felt most at home around Japanese food and culture, so I've spent a great deal of my life eating Japanese food and such. ^^ Though I'm not any large portion Japanese, I'm such a mutt ancestrally I'm not even really sure how to identify myself, so I go with "Mutt" hehe. My fiance is from India, and I'm slowly turning Indian as I learn the language and the culture to try to fit in with the family in India. Hence my name! Miso.Desi hehe. ^^ continue reading...