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Anyone use their gear/recipes to help with faith based eating practices?

Lent starts this week. I don't fast because of health reasons but I will be trying to abstain (from meats) more. My son does not yet have to fast but figure I would use this season to emulate what he will be doing in coming years.

I am thinking of promoting using bentos for the season (it should be easier to meet fasting rules if you pack your own meals).

Any suggestions??

I need a dictionary :)

Hello All,
I am new to bentoing & my exposure to Japanese culture has been limited. So as I read many of your posts I am left scratching my head thinking What the heck is that?

I am picking things up slowly Like:

Furikakie is a seaweed & sesame seed based seasoning for on rice
Nori is Seaweed dried into thin sheets used for decoration and wrapping sushi
Gyoza are steamed dumplings

is there a book with stuff like this explained or a section here on the forum already & I missed it? Or do I just need to pipe up more often?

Do you remember your first bento?

Via the site referrer logs, I found this lovely, well-written account of a first-time bento: My first attempt-o at bento.

Do you remember your first bento attempt? What was it like?

I think mine was when I was in the first year of middle school (7th grade in US school chronology). My mother was too busy, and I made some salmon onigiri. My hands were sore from the hot rice, but boy were those onigiri good!

Bring your own Bento for Travel

I will be flying out of Portland to Texas, each leg of the trip will be 2.25 hours long. I took a look at Frontier's BOB options and nearly gaged. I planing to bring a bento with me for lunch. What considerations in food prepand choice and making it through the TSA check point. What the best way to keep the bento cold.

Basic Bento Ingredients

Hi. :)

Since I'm relatively new to Bento lunches, I'm going to make a trip to the local Asian store tomorrow to stock up on essential ingredients.

Are there certain things that I should always have in my pantry?

What else should I get?

Bentos on!

AnnaTheRed has some geeky bentos featured on!

Very clever. Check them out!

How long does it take you to eat your bento?


I was wondering how long it takes everyone to actually eat their bentos?

I'm excited about trying bentos, but I'm afraid I wont have time to enjoy all my hard work. Right now I take about a 10-15 minute lunch, but I'm only eating a granola bar.

Thanks for your input. :)

Room temperature bento?

Hey all! First time to the forums and I have a maybe weird-ish question?

I'm no stranger to bento making but in the past I have been able to refrigerate and/or heat up my bentos in a microwave. However currently I have a job that not only has NO set schedule, which is bad enough - but I have no access to a fridge, or a microwave. I know I could technically get some ice packs and pack them well, but I have a LOT to carry as a freelance artist, and my bento in a small bag is usually all I can handle. Also I really don't enjoy eating everything freezing cold! Haha I know - so many problems! continue reading...