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Why does my cooked onigiri rice get hard?

I've been working on my rice cooking technique; we don't have a rice cooker (and I don't want one, we have too many appliances already.) We have a good quality electric cooktop and I've been able to get improve my onigigi rice cooking to turn out a really good result. We also cook basmati rice and brown rice on the same cooktop with good results. continue reading...

Sushi and Freezing

Hello everyone.
I'm a college student and pretty soon I'll be headed back to school in Sept.

To save time in the morning, I plan on making the foods I need for my bento for one week, on the weekends or whenever I need to top up.
Of course by doing this, I'll need to freeze the food.

I've read somewhere in here(I forget where :( ) that when making onigiri, you need to wait till it cools down a bit, but not all the way, then wrap it in plastic wrap and place in the freezer. (I think that's what it said) As for the nori, don't put it on till it's thawed or it will get soggy. continue reading...

2 questions I need help with please!!

I have 2 questions that need answers please!

Firstly, I live in the Uk, Northern Ireland to be specific and I'd like to get a spam musubi mould (mold).

Japan Centre in London, don't stock them online and I have no desire to join ebay to get fleeced for one! Anyone got any sugestins on how I can get one? I have resorted to using the spam can a mould, but it's a bit perilous on the fingers!!! continue reading...

American-ized Bentos

Ok...nobody laugh...this is my first post here. I realize I'm not the typical bento person...but I like to make my lunches nice and compact, so this fit. I am an omnivore, and I do a lot of "roll-up" sandwiches when I can't think of anything else. I've been a member of WeightWatchers off and on for years (in the "on" mode presently) and I use this as a way to help control what I eat during the day.

Here are a few of my recent ones... continue reading...

Just Bento / Just Hungry on The Japan Times Online

I was purusing The Japan Times Online and saw "Just Bento, Just Hungry" interview/article listed in the Technology section! Thought folks here might find it of interest too.

Great interview, Maki!

First day back at work bento suggestions?

I'm starting work tomorrow after taking nearly 4 years off to stay home with my kids. Any suggestions of things that I can prepare tonight? I'm used to fluffing around a lot in the morning and having tons of time to prepare the kids' lunches because they didn't have to be at creche till ten, now we all have to be out of the house by eight.

I'm going shopping tonight, so I'm open to anything, and we're omnvivores who also eat tofu (most people we know think that is weird). I'll be making two preschooler bentos, and one each for my husband and me.

Thanks in advance!

What are your favourite make-ahead foods for your bento?

I usually put healthy food in my bento for the first two days of the week and then the rest of the week its sandwiches. I cook on the weekend and save them for the week but I don't have any recipes that freeze well or that last a long time. I was wondering if any of you guys could give me some ideas or your make ahead recipes whether it is frozen or refrigerated, anything is fine. I just need healthy food to be ready. No red meat please!

Thanks a bunch guys!

Bentos and Vegetables.

Hi everyone.
I'm not great at eating my vegetables and always had a problem with them as a child, but i would like to fill my bentos with more that just meat and carbs! Does anyone have any recipes i can try with veg that i might actually enjoy?

I tried the Maple red peppers but i wasnt so sure and i'm contemplating the orange juice carrots. So if anyone has any other suggestions i'm up for it! :D