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Bento storage?

Where and how do you store and organize your bentos and accessories? My cabinets are a MESS. Do you have anything you use to organize? Extra points for a photo!

Sushi Rice and Kids

I am going to apologize in advance for my truly novice questions. I have looked at some of your blogs and I am officially intimidated. I am just starting and have a lot to learn. My question is that I see so many bentos using molded rice as one of the main ingredients.

My questions are:

What is your sushi rice recipe (I've always made it adding just a little rice wine vinegar)?

Are you using sushi rice for kids' bentos? And if so, what age, are they eating it, and how do you deal with heating it up (or do you) when other parts of the bento should remain cold? continue reading...

No ingredients


I'm a college student and I live alone. I normally cook only for myself. After making several bento boxes, I realize that since bento is like having a little bit of this and a little bit of that, I need to stock up many ingredients in my fridge. Items like eggs pose no problems, but the problem comes when I need vegetables. I can't buy just a tiny piece of vegetables from groceries store, so normally I end up with rotten vegetables in my fridge because I can't make use of them before they go bad. continue reading...

My food looks funny...

Well, the food of these people does anyways -
It's pretty cute if you haven't seen it. There are a few bento on there.

I also wanted to post this tutorial for making edible googly-eyes.

If this is too general for Bento General Discussion, please feel free to move it maki. :D

Upside down?

I've been looking through lots of great bento photos at flckr lately... Many people use little cups or containers to divide different foods and also for sauces - and many times without a lid. How do you keep your bento box "safe" on the way to work or school? Even if I pack it very carefully mine seems to be more often upside down than not when I reopen my bag to put in the fridge! So I'm curious how often you find that your beautifully packed bento has turned into a big mess? (hopefully not often...!)

I made my rice cooker explode...

For Christmas my boyfriend bought me a top of the line Zojirushi rice cooker(I told him not to spend that much) and...after about 4 tries I still haven't figured out how to use it...

I tried again last night and the unit just about literally exploded - gooey rice water was shooting out of the steam vent up to nearly a foot in the air, and it was really messy and disgusting.

I ended up giving the failed rice to some very happy dogs.

I just wanted to share my shame with you all...I just want to make people laugh... continue reading...

Bento for Life

My boyfriend has been on my case about my weight again. About a year ago I did Body for Life and had decent results, but fell off the wagon. Now he is encouraging me to do it again (although he couldn't even follow the program for 2 days....big baby.) continue reading...

How long can bentos be left out?

I'm new to bento creating, but I've kept up with Pikko's Adventures in Bentomaking blog for ages. That's what originally peaked my interest as well as a desire to moderate my portions. I feel like I'll have no problem with the cooking and creating aspects of bento boxes, but I have one issue that I haven't been able to find answered anywhere: How long can bento boxes be left out? continue reading...