General Bento Discussion

Crazy Tupperware lady

I went to visit a lady that sells tupperware in hopes she had something that would keep my wet food off of my dry food, and she did, however I specifically said I needed something that that would fit into "these" and pulled out my bento boxes. At which point she gaped and said "those are tiny how do you expect to put enough lunch in those?"

I replied, my children don't eat huge lunches. And she came back with some weird comment about them playing hard and needing calories and I just blurted back "perhaps that mentality is why we have a pediatric obesity epidemic in the United States" continue reading...

How long can you keep meat in the freezer?

I've always wondered how long can it really stay in there without giving me a tummy ache when I decide to cook it

The case of the sideways bento and the food within

What do people use to separate the small amounts of food items that may be somewhat "juicy" for lack of a better word? I drained some mandarin oranges for me and the kids yesterday and put them in silicone cups or divided sections of my boxes and still the kids bread ended up soggy in the other compartments. Are there small short (silicone cup size?) boxes that have lids out there? I haven't found anything small enough that will permit me to close the bento box after I put the little box in it.

Any other VERY HUNGRY veg*ns out there have trouble feeling full?

I just got this box from Borders, and while it is quite large (almost 4 cups!) and I am one who definitely needs to use bento to control my diet, I actually am pleased with the size. I am a vegan-leaning vegetarian, for 2+ years now so it's not like I drastically changed my diet recently, and lately I simply can not reach a point of satiety. I pack a healthy amount (1 cup of brown rice, about 1/2 cup of beans or occasionally tofu, and some veggies and fruit) into a 2.5ish box I have, but this just isn't cutting it. continue reading...

Keeping things fresh

My job runs off of 12 hour shifts, and many times gets kicked into overtime working sometimes 18 hours (I'm sure I'll have some 24 shifts as well in the near future).

This means I potentially consume EVERY meal of the day out of the house and was hoping to get at least two of those meals as bentos or carry to work as opposed to eating out all the time. What are your best ideas for keeping things cool while driving (I am an EMT so will be in a vehicle all day with my lunch with me) that won't end me with a soggy lunch/dinner/snack?

name dropping

I just wanted to drop a little note that I saw name checked in a post on Serious Eats. (I'll post below) Where else have you seen the site mentioned in a casual way? continue reading...

I need help >.<

I'm going to an Anime convention next weekend... and I have to make Bento lunches for 6-8 people. How would i go about doing this?
If I make 6 different kinds of bentos... my shopping list ends up huge >.<
A friend suggested that I make them all the same thing. Or, make it like a pic-nick and have one container with the main course (probably chicken of some kind), and 2 or 3 smaller containers with other options like the 'egg buddies', octopus weenies and things like that... and of course Onigiri :3
What are your suggestions??

Yoroshiku onegai shimasu.
(Thank you in advance)

midnight bento- who is eating at night?

hello everybody,
i work at a nightclub (at the bar and as a bouncer) and eat my bentos in the near dark. while it's fun to sit in the bouncer booth and eat a cute little bento, it poses some problems with the design of the food: as everything is illuminated with colourful artificial lights, none of the pretty natural colours i try to put in the box are really visible. bright green pesto turns to black goo, reds and oranges become nearly invisible, subtle contrasts vanish.. continue reading...