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Whaaat? Is it me or is it them?

Hi everyone!

I found this page recently on - (yes I know, I’m not making it a clickable link on purpose, because in my opinions it’s not a good reference page and doesn’t deserve ‘link juice’, as you’ll see below)

If you have some time to kill, please take a look at that page. It basically uses JustBento has the primary source, but misinterprets things enough to confuse anyone new to bento. continue reading...

Anyone pre-order The Just Bento Cookbook from the book depository?

So as the title says, did anyone from the US order the book of their website?
I pre-ordered it, but still haven't gotten it and it's been almost a month since release. :(

I already contacted them, but they said to try the local post offices.. so if you ordered, which post office delivered to you? USPS? UPS?

thanks :)

Japanese ingredients in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Now that there are at least three members of the Just Bento forums who do their shopping in Dunedin (and how amazing is that?!) I figure I should share my food shopping discoveries.

Number one is UniMart at the Gardens, just over the road from the Gardens New World. It has a good selection of packaged and frozen food, and a few fresh Asian veges. It also has some useful food prep implements, including onigiri and sushi moulds, rice paddles etc. Food is arranged in aisles by country, I think the owners might be Korean, because the biggest selection is of Korean foods. continue reading...

"real" RAMEN!

Hey all!
There is a thread on YouTube, 'Cooking With Dog'. Just type that in the search and you will get quite a few authentic recipes!

Anyway, I was watching the one on ramen and had a thought, what if I could incorporate some of these with just plain-ol cup ramen?!
Yeah, ok its probably not the healthiest thing to do, but sometimes you have to make due with what you have.
So here is what I did:

- popped Maruchan cup ramen (I LOVE Shrimp with Lime flavor) in the microwave for 3 minutes
- while ramen is cooking bring water to a boil continue reading...

Leftover bento

Hey all!
I made a Bento today with last nights leftovers. There are rarely any leftovers at my house so I decided to do a bento :3 I hope you all get a little inspiration from it!

- Mashed potatoes
- peas, corn and the onion from the roast
- pork roast (? my mom cooked it in the crock pot pretty much all day)
- Dole frozen strawberry slices sprinkled with a little bit of sugar continue reading...

Safe bento lunch - I just want to make sure I'm doing this right

I know there are tons of helpful posts on packing a safe lunch and I've tried to read them all, however I would really appreciate some more personal help since, well, maybe I'm spoiled! To get to the point, I'm a college student, and come the start of the semester on Tuesday I will be stuck at school four days of the week for 7-12 hours depending (I finish packing my bento at 9 then hit the road to make it to class by 10, then on most days I'm at the college until 10 at night) on the day. I will not have access to a microwave or a fridge. continue reading...

Ideas for warm breakfast bentos??

I'm terrible about eating breakfast everyday, so in an effort to make breafast more of a regular thing, I've been contemplating packing breakfast bentos ahead of time. The usual ideas such as cereal with milk, yogurt, smoothies etc are what many people do, but I tend to be very cold in the morning and would really love to have something warm to get me going. I've tried oatmeal with blueberries (which is yummy) but would like to have more variety. Any ideas for warm breakfast bentos out there? What do you typically eat for breakfast?

Hubby says I'm getting obsessive

Whatever does he mean? Seriously, does this look obsessed to you?...


Photobucket continue reading...