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greetings from central cal.

Hello to everyone,
I apologize for not introducing myself earlier. Im a retail manager here in central california who is known to carry the cute lunch box. Making bentos has become both my creative outlet and a big money saver for me. I stumbled across justbento a while back and have recommened it to anyone who ask me about tasty healthy foods to add to their lunch.

I'm looking forward to getting to know ya'll.


Student saying Hello

Hello everybody

I am a student from Switzerland who is just crazy about Japan and everything related to it. So obviously bento is a must ^_^ and they serve me well every day at university because not only do I save a lot of bucks by preparing my own food, I get to eat my favourite food every day. Moreover because I am lactose intolerant it usually is quite difficult to find something suitable to eat for me at the canteen because most of the dishes usually are made with the help of a diary product like cream sauce or something else. continue reading...

Hi from New Jersey

Hi! I found this site through the Ravelry group. I've flipped through Flickr sets for years, but was so thrilled to find this site, esp. the meal planner sheets and fancy cutting instructions. Apple boat, ho! continue reading...

Hello hello!

Hi! I've just joined, although I've been following the site for several months now! I'm a college student from California, but not near enough to San Francisco or LA to get to the good asian food stores. :( Our big store closed only a few months ago. continue reading...

Bento fillers and side dishes

I'm a bento novice.......starting my second week! Is there a spot on JustBento where I can find ideas for fillers and side dishes? I think my kids are getting tired of cherry tomatoes, heh-heh-heh.....
Thanks for the awesome website!

Hey hey hey from Puerto Rico!

Hello all!

My name is Richard. I'm from Puerto Rico and I'm a brand new bentoer. :D I half-finished my first bento a couple hours ago.

I've been reading all about bento in this website. I love the delicious recipes! ^___^

Here is my first attempt at bentos. Please comment. =D

I still have to find out what foods I would like to eat weekly. I guess that's what the weekly bento planner is for. :P continue reading...

Bento in 'Bama!

Hi, everybody! C'helle, here, from Alabama. I recently found Just Bento thoroughly intrigued! I have loved Japanese food for a long time (I credit my daughter's health to the wakame, nori, and miso paste I used liberally during my pregnancy with her).
I've been fascinated by Bento for a long time, but until my son started school this year, I was too intimidated to try anything. So glad I found Just Bento... I've learned a ton in the week since I first stumbled upon it. This is just a superb blog!

Hi there, from NJ!

I suppose I am to introduce myself.

I am a tiny female Japanophile going into my last year of High School. I recently bought my first few bento boxes and plan to make myself yummy boxed lunches.

I have so many dietary restrictions it is horrible. Picky eater, plush Kosher, plus oral allergy syndrome (can't eat most raw fruits/veggies). I hope I can work around everything to make yummy and pretty bentos. continue reading...