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Long time no post

I was on this forum when it was first set up, but I haven't posted in a while. Allot has changed in my life what with uni and all, but I think I have time to cook myself lunch again (I was already doing dinner and breakfast, there's no way I'm going catered).

Shalom from Dubai

I fall in love with bentoing recently early this month :D packing lunch is not a burden any more but it is something that I look forward to and excited about. Thanks to Maki and the rest of the lovely and lively bentoers here!

Happy bentoing!


shoyu stains in textiles?

ahoy everyone,
i dropped a bottle of dark soy sauce in the kitchen, of course it broke and splattered everything, including my pants! my normal detergent doesn't get soy sauce stains out (i know that from my kitchen towels).
are there any grandmother tricks for getting rid of soy sauce stains in textiles, like with red wine or grass?
if not, i'll just have to buy some kind of commercial oxi-wash product, i guess..
any ideas? i can't bleach these pants..


Bento-making with Food Intolerances!

Hi! I'm new here and new to bento-making -- though not new to the idea of bento and the love of the charaben's cuteness. Like a lot of people, I am sure, I became interested in them after watching anime.

I will be making bento for myself and my fiance. Unfortunately for both of us, I have food intolerances -- anything dairy or dairy-derived and possibly gluten -- and don't eat meat, so our bentos will be on the vegan and possible gluten-free side of things. I'm interested in bento as a way to make sure I know exactly what is in our food. This way I can avoid trouble, you see? (: continue reading...


hellow ,my name is charmaine. i'm new to the site.*_*

Konnichiwa ^^

Hi there I just wanted to introduce myself.

My name is Isaac, and I LOVE this site (JH&JB) I live in Mississippi at the moment, but I am originally from Minnesota.^^

Money to spend, what to buy?! :D

So I've got a cheque for £50 coming through from YouGov (yay!) and I'm wondering what to spend it on.
I've been thinking of getting a rice cooker, and want the Sanyo one which is about £87 at the moment. Or I could get loads of little things like a huge bag of rice, bento accessories and food stuff....or I could splurge and get some bento boxes from casabento. So any suggestions? :D

Heyy! :D

Hey there, all Just Bento Holders, and I'm The.Oresama*!

I've been in love with o-bento (especially kyaraben) ever since I was eight, and I've always wanted to know how they're intricately made. Now that I'm 14 and about to get to Keio Daigaku before I know it (or NYU, hopefully), I guess I should learn how to cook, shouldn't I? I may as well use this as a guide for me to make my own, beautifully arranged lunches. Thanks~! ^^

Note: Oresama (O-REH-sah-mah) or just Ore (Oh-REH) is a very cocky way of saying 'me', or 'I' in Japanese.