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Better Late Than Never

Hello all,

Just as the Challenge was gearing up, we had to leave town for a family emergency. We've only been back for a couple of days, so today was my first chance to get back into it.

I spent time today getting ready for the work week, making lunch food. Blanched a huge container of baby spinach and formed it into easy to pack balls. Boiled a few eggs. Made spam musubi (half went into the freezer). Also made a container of carrot salad. Dinner leftovers, green salad and frozen veggies make up the rest of menu for the week. continue reading...

B-more Healthy

Hi everyone
I'm from Baltimore (B-more) and I am joining this challenge because I love food a little too much and want to lose some weight. Love Just Bento and Just Hungry and have found all of the tips Maki has provided beyond useful. I'm a little down because I have gained so much weight during the years I was taking care of my Mom so now I am larger than I ever have been. But I have faith that with time I can change and I will always love food (maybe a little too much) but will keep trying to B-more Healthy (tm).

Hello from Northern Ireland!

Hi all

I'm from Northern Ireland and I started making bento last year for my daughter, who is 10 and myself. I love cooking and all kitchen things, so it was very easy for me to get into bento. The downside is that bento supplies are hard to come by in NI so I have to buy online which costs soooo much.
I'm getting lots of information and new recipes from here so I'm loving it all.


yo. I'm Megan. I'm fluent in french, english, and japanese. And im only fourteen. woo. I make bento (almost...) evry moring for school, and i loves it. Im a octo-lavo, and eat mostly japanese-style. so.......ya. thats it!


Couch Potatoes Unite

(from the forum)

So... so far, I have been able to meet my bento challenge goals, and other meals have been ok. BUT...for some reason I'm having such a hard time getting my butt off the couch and exercising! My main excuse is that it's so cold outside, and the streets are often slushy or icy, etc...but I have all kinds of indoors gear, from exercise videos to Wii Fit and Wii DDR. But I still can't get moving.

Anyone else having similar problems? What gets you moving?

Hello from New Zealand

Well, having volunteered to moderate this blog for the New Zealand/Australia time zone, I thought maybe I'd better actually introduce myself so you know who I am when I do terrible things to your entries. Just kidding. I'll try very hard not to. continue reading...

Free HBO!

This is sort of random, but it's so great I thought I'd share. If you are a cable TV subscriber but do NOT have HBO, they've made it free for everyone this weekend so that we can watch the beautiful inaugural celebrations happening in Washington. It's under way now (3:30pm EST) and will be on for several more hours at least.


I have lost my camera

*sniffles* I've lost my camera and haven't been able to post any of the bento I've made :( But I'm still keeping to the challenge regardless so, ^_______^