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And another Newbie from Germany

Hello everybody :)

I joined this site a few minutes ago and thought I should introduce myself frist so u will get to know me a bit better. Well my name is Franzi and I am a 20 year old girl from the south of Germany. I am still at school and will graduate next year. Most of my free time I sepnd with friends, listen to music, went shopping, love to do swaps and so on. Just pretty normal stuff *lol* continue reading...

Good day from England

Hi, i'm saffron, i'm 20 years old and i like just outside london continue reading...

Guten Tag from Germany

Hello everybody!

Being boring as I am I couldn't think of a fancy titel, and just followed the mainstream.

I stumbled over bento making a few days ago, when me and a few friends decided to skip the cafeteria for good now. I'm a full time university student, and spent most of my time working on either my master thesis or my job as an assistant researcher to a professor. Both those things combined equal lots of time spent at university, and zero time to eat. And our cafeteria starts to get boring - after four years of living here, the foods starts to come out of my ears. continue reading...

G'day from Australia

Hi all!
I'm yygall, a student currently studying in Canberra, Australia. I discovered Just Hungry after seeing nikujaga and hayashi rice appear one too many times in my favourite Japanese shows, and decided to try and make it myself. That was almost a year ago, and justhungry and justbento have started a new infatuation with food blogs. Thank you, maki-san!

Bento seduction?

I don't know how many of you here in the states listen to The Splendid Table with Lynne Rossetto Kasper, but I'll be featured in today's episode on many NPR stations. Check your local listings! You can also hear the interview and see why I'm the inaugural Gastrosexual of the Month for May at --sadly the producers edited out the part where I spoke about Just Bento and Maki, but I think it was the photo I sent in of my Girl's Day bento that clinched the win. Woo ;-)

MasterChef Australia

I am a big fan of the original UK version of MasterChef on BBC2. (I even did the ingredient challenges for series 3 and blogged my attempts on Just Hungry. I blog about MasterChef a lot.)

Anyway, I recently discovered the Australian version of MasterChef via nefarious (cough) means. It’s quite different from the British version, but I’m hooked! continue reading...

Excited to be new here


I am Caroline, right now I am living on the mainland in Ventura, CA, but will be moving permanently to No. Shore , Oahu. I can't tell you how excited to find all of son is at Waseda Univ. right now but will be coming home in July (actually I will be going to japan for 10 days in July to help bring him home). He wants to continue to eat like he has the past year, so I am starting from scratch and will need ALOT of help. This website was truly a God send. I have read so much just this day but I still have a very basic question, that I can't seem to understand:
Rice!!!! continue reading...


Hi Maki-san,

I am so happy to of discovered both your blogs. I was on a very long hiatus from packing healthy and satisfying lunches. I was spending way too much much money while consuming empty calories. You and your content contributors have inspired me and I'm looking forward to creating some fun yet healthy bentos.
(hapa bento)