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Bug: Editing the About You part of your user profile (Fixed)

I’ve just discovered there’s a bug in the user profile (Your Account) area, where you can’t edit your About You information…because the link to that part doesn’t show up. I’m trying to find out why that is, but in the meantime if you do want to edit that info, here’s what to do: continue reading...

  • Method one: Go to You Account page, and click the Edit link. Then in the URL bar of your browser, replace the ‘’ with ‘’. This takes you to the same page (since and share the same user data) on Just Hungry.

Forum sections

I've put in all the forum sections that I could think of that are related to Just Bento and Just Hungry. I guess we can see if any other forum sections are needed. If there are any you'd really like to see, please suggest them here.

The forum is open for business in BETA mode!

The forum is finally open! It's still very much BETA, and you may seem some odd things happening on occasion, but bear with me... thanks!