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Daiso Lovely - Problems?

Hey everyone! I bought my first bento box in July, a blue Daiso Lovely but within a couple of days that one broke. The seal on the top layer had kind of peeled back. Japan Centre then sent me a new one, free of charge :D and this has been fine, until today when the same thing happened! This time however I had a cabbage ball in there and a little gratin cup (hmm wonder where those recipes came from xD) so the juices leaked all over my bag :(

Anyone else had problems like that with these type of boxes? Or am I just unlucky and got two from a defective batch? continue reading...


So my nan has had a bumper crop of tomatoes this year, which means every family member has to take some haha! So we now have a bunch of lovely tomatoes, but they are really ripe so I need to use them asap. Just wondering what to do with them. I don't fancy making some sort of ketchup to be honest. I did think of making some mini quiches (bento friendly as well then!) as the whole family should eat that. But not sure what else I could do, quiche seems a bit... boring and samely, especially as mum has made a few over summer already. continue reading...

Safe bento lunch - I just want to make sure I'm doing this right

I know there are tons of helpful posts on packing a safe lunch and I've tried to read them all, however I would really appreciate some more personal help since, well, maybe I'm spoiled! To get to the point, I'm a college student, and come the start of the semester on Tuesday I will be stuck at school four days of the week for 7-12 hours depending (I finish packing my bento at 9 then hit the road to make it to class by 10, then on most days I'm at the college until 10 at night) on the day. I will not have access to a microwave or a fridge. continue reading...


Ok so I had never even heard of MSG and its 'dangers' until I started to read about Japanese and Oriental cooking. I have never experienced 'Chinese restaurant syndrome' nor have I met anyone who has. So I was very surprised to learn about it.

Then once I had discovered its apparent dangers, I watch something on the good old BBC that seemed to suggest the opposite. The show was E-Numbers: An Edible Adventure and it was the first or second episode. If you can watch iPlayer, do so as it is awesome. If not I am sure someone has youtubed it already. continue reading...

Ideas for warm breakfast bentos??

I'm terrible about eating breakfast everyday, so in an effort to make breafast more of a regular thing, I've been contemplating packing breakfast bentos ahead of time. The usual ideas such as cereal with milk, yogurt, smoothies etc are what many people do, but I tend to be very cold in the morning and would really love to have something warm to get me going. I've tried oatmeal with blueberries (which is yummy) but would like to have more variety. Any ideas for warm breakfast bentos out there? What do you typically eat for breakfast?

Ok what I have enough to make sushi?

All I could find was sushi rice, suchi vinegar and nori. I have no clue what or even how to get ahold of dashi...and the box of nori says I need wasabi? really? ick. Not a wasabi fan. Toooooooo spicey.

But I had this yummy sushi with crab meat and some fish type paste and wanted to attempt something similar. Not sure what to do from here though.

Hubby says I'm getting obsessive

Whatever does he mean? Seriously, does this look obsessed to you?...


Photobucket continue reading...

The hallucinogenic Pain de Provence mystery

I've been aware of the this story, where many people in a village called Pont-Saint-Esprit in Southern France became temporarily insane, for a few years now.
The accepted theory was that some bread flour had become contaminated with ergot, a toxic fungus. There are theories also that some of the hysteria of the Salem witch trials was fueled by the effects of ergot poisoning.

This possible revelation that the bread of Pont-Saint-Esprit's poor citizens was purposefully poisoned by a government agency is really chilling.