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Tofu for bentos

I really really love eating plain boring old boiled tofu, and I'd like to incorporate it into my bentos. However, when I tried to, by lunch time it had gone all gross and sour and I ended up having to chuck it away T_T Does tofu just not keep that well, or was I doing something wrong? If I want to bring tofu to school in my bento I usually end up having to fry it, which I hate, because it just loses that nice texture >.< Does anyone have suggestions? continue reading...

Your dream food destination is...

This forum section was feeling a bit neglected so I thought I'd start something :)

Is there anywhere in the world that you would want to go to, that you've never been to before in your life, just for the food?

For me, it's really hard to choose between Morocco, Turkey, India, China, etc... but I think my top pick would probably be Morocco right now. I love the combination of spices used in Moroccan cooking. And the colors you see of photos there are amazing.

What do you do with leftover APPLE BUNNIES?

hey everyone, I've run into the problem when making apple bunnies or just plain sliced apples that I always have way too many slices left over from cutting the big apple up... any suggestions on how to keep them fresh for future use? I am guessing that freezing is not an option as I think the fruit would get pretty mushy upon defrosting. I've tried soaking them in lemon juice and then keeping them in the fridge, but it doesn't seem to help much. I've also tried letting them sit in the fridge in an juice-water bath, but then the apples become very soggy and unappetizing. continue reading...

Bento no. 9: 10-minute vegan bento MOD

Like most wannabe chefs, I'll tinker with any recipe I've read elsewhere in a vain attempt to claim the dish as my personal creation. Rarely is this necessary with Maki's offerings, which more often than not, turn out to be as delicious as the pictures appear. With No.9 though, I think I've discovered something special 「まっ、ちょっと大げさですけど。つまない。」 continue reading...

Beets with Balsamic & Spices

Here's one of our favorite make ahead, easy recipes from a friend that will last for quite a while in your fridge. We've had several people try this one who don't like beets and it was a hit.

Beets with Balsamic Vinegar & Spices

- 1 or 2 bunches of beets depending on how many you need (1 bunch is enough for 2 people for about a week)
- Balsamic Vinegar (any good, cheap kind that you like)
- Spice mix with garlic powder, onion powder or a little of both of those to sprinkle on

- Cut beet greens from tops of beats just leaving the red part of the vegetable. continue reading...

Spreadsheet Version of Maki's Weekly Bento Planner

(From the Just Bento Forum:)

Hi Hi Everybody,

Thought I’d share the little spreadsheet version I made of Maki’s Weekly Bento Planner (her original here). (Shared with her permission of course.)

Being the geek that I am and the fact that I don’t like scanning or looking at my handwriting, I wanted an editable version. I also wanted to be able to save it in a format that we could share as we do the planning assignment for the Going Deeper challenge. continue reading...

Cold bento lunch ideas?

Hi y'all! Just a quick question with some background. My hubby works out in the field and doesnt have a way to keep his food warm or have a place to warm it up. He's getting a bit bored of just sandwiches so I'm planning on making him some bento-inspired lunches but am running low on ideas of foods that are good to eat even when they're cold. For my lunches its not a biggie as I'm in the office and can eat anything, but he's a bit more picky when it comes to his meals.

Does any one have any ideas on some cold bento-inspired lunches?


Suggestions for healthy snacks to put in bentos?

I spend long hours at Uni every day (as many of us do!), and have to bring extra food so that late-afternoon sugar-craving doesn't send me down the hall to the vending machine.

Any suggestions for healthy snacks that people bring in to work in addition to their actual lunch? I tend to stick with the basics of fruit and granola bars, but they really aren't all that filling! :)