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Vegetarian crab stick?

Does anyone know if they make a vegetarian or soy product that is similar to crabstick found in sushi? We want to add a little protein to our carrot, cucumber maki.


Eating in Austin

Any Texans out there living in or near Austin? I'd love some restaurant recommendations, ideally something that's friendly for vegetarians AND meat lovers.

I'm heading out there for SXSW again and don't want to do the same wander-until-something-looks-edible thing I did last year. Pizza by the slice is great, but not every day.

caprese skewers

These made an appearance in my bento pictured here.

grape or cherry tomatoes
fresh mozzarella sliced about 1/4" thick and cut to the same diameter as your tomatoes (I used stainless steel sakura shaped vegetable cutters {note: I only linked to kaboodle because it came up in a google image search})
fresh basil
skewers (toothpicks work fine) continue reading...

Challenge Week 2 Talk

The Week 2 Challenge is now up! Read it here!

Remember to reflect back and review your Week 1 first on the Report topic. Then tell us what you plan to do for Week 2 right here.

And, only tackle the level you feel capable of! This is not a contest, it's all about YOU!

Challenge Week 1 Wrapup Reports

It's already Friday! Post your wrapups, thoughts etc. about how Week 1 went for you here! (If you blogged about it post the link to your blog entry or entries here too!)

Cool old Canepe cutters

Thought some might like to see what I found in the back of my kitchen drawer.
This I think came with a lot of my late Mother-in-Law's kitchen stuff. She liked to shop at second hand stores for fun and came home with a lot of cool things, like this Canape Cutter set from Japan. Don't know how old it is, but the tag on the back says $1. To me it looks a lot like the little veggie cutters for bento. They are actually a little too small for regular canapes, and they are in good shape and sooo cute!

here's a picture. continue reading...

Any blogs out there by folks using bentos to help manage their diabetes OR pre teens writing about making their bentos??

A lovely woman I chat with at my son's school sooooooooo needs help managing her eating - her major health problem is diabetes. She has a granddaughter who is eating poorly and getting chunky.

I am trying to spread the bento joy but so many can't imagine it doing them any good even though they see daily what it does for me.

SOOOOOOOOO I am on the look out for diabetics and preteen/teen making bentos (not mom doing it - I am also big on getting kids to do their own cooking - never too soon for life skills!).

Thanks in advance!

Lotus root questions


I bought this bag of lotus root just before Christmas, and I have no idea how long it lasts. I'd tried buying fresh lotus root, but around here I'd only found really beat up, bruised, shriveled ones, so I reckoned I'd try this. However, I'm wondering how long it keeps!

I've posted pictures of the front & back of the bag here:

Any ideas most welcome :-)