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Freezer stash - what's in yours?

(from the forum)

Hi everyone,
I'm now in my new house, surrounded by stuff I never realized I had and feeling all out of sorts. What's more homey than cooking and making the house smell awesome? So this weekend I'm planning a cooking bonanza to fill my freezer with tasty bento things. My list so far is only those spicy lentil snacks which isn't much of a bonanza :(

What do you have in your stash? What things would be in your stash if you managed to keep enough aside to freeze?

Vegan "Ghetto" Corn

I know this may sound weird to some people, but in the summer here (in the ghetto, sorry I don't know a better way to refer to this corn) it is sold out of large tubs in grocery carts in the streets. Basically the original version is cooked corn on a cob slathered with mayonnaise (or butter, depending on the vendor), covered with parmesan cheese, and sprinkled with cayenne pepper. So last night, trying to think of something to eat with my black bean enchilada casserole I came up with this vegan version of the original. It turned out so well leftovers are in my bento today. continue reading...

I need a dictionary :)

Hello All,
I am new to bentoing & my exposure to Japanese culture has been limited. So as I read many of your posts I am left scratching my head thinking What the heck is that?

I am picking things up slowly Like:

Furikakie is a seaweed & sesame seed based seasoning for on rice
Nori is Seaweed dried into thin sheets used for decoration and wrapping sushi
Gyoza are steamed dumplings

is there a book with stuff like this explained or a section here on the forum already & I missed it? Or do I just need to pipe up more often?

Do you remember your first bento?

Via the site referrer logs, I found this lovely, well-written account of a first-time bento: My first attempt-o at bento.

Do you remember your first bento attempt? What was it like?

I think mine was when I was in the first year of middle school (7th grade in US school chronology). My mother was too busy, and I made some salmon onigiri. My hands were sore from the hot rice, but boy were those onigiri good!

So...did you lose any weight during the Challenge?

Just checking to see if those of you following the weight loss track managed to lose some weight!

For of this morning, 3kg (about 6.6 pounds)! I'm happy with that, though I was sort of hoping for 10 lb. But slow and steady is good! And, I did do let's say quite a lot of extra sampling...(for recipe development and shooting purposes...the perils of running Just Bento. ^_^)

How about you?

Advice on buying a rice cooker

Next Thursday, Lidl in Italy will offer a rice cooker for 19,98 € and I'm considering buying it. There's not much information online, so I'll have to decide whether to buy it or not when I'm in the shop.

I'm mostly interested in buying it if it has a timer, so that I can set it up in advance, however for that price I do not expect it to have many fancy functions. What should I look for in a rice cooker before buying it?

Mini hamburguers

Another bento friendly recipe from my grandmother <3
This is my favourite food ever, my grandmother taught it to me when I left my parent's home.

This will make for a lot of food, my husband and me eat this at once when I cook it but sometimes we have some leftovers that can be perfect for bento.

- about 400-500 g of ground meat.
- 1 egg
- ground bread (it's better if it's hardened, like the bread from the day before)
- a glass of milk
- salt to taste (i made them saltless)
- flour (a lot!)
- oil

1.- beat the egg and add salt continue reading...

What's the right box?

This may sound very stupid but I find that 600ml boxes can hold more food than I can actually eat!
My mum has always cooked in "diet" way as my dad and my grandmother can't eat salt, and she is particularly picky about me getting fat (I am not at all, though) so due to that I'm used to eat very small portions.

I've been searching for bento boxes that are around a 500 ml capacity but I don't find them... And I'm afraid that little "side dish" boxes (those around 250-300 ml) may be too small. continue reading...