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Mo:Ben. Stylish, Self-Heating Lunchbox

I found this link off of WIRED Gadget Labs today and figured the Bento crowd would love it.

The concept, from designer Alex Cheong, is modular and would be fully dishwasher safe.

Not sure what to make in my first bento.

I'd just like suggestions.

I was thinking about making Noriben, simple and good, and maybe some stir-fry.

But I'm not sure.

What did you make for your first bento?

What should I try next?

Food question - are other forms of mochi like this one?

This was the type and brand of mochi I tried. I think I finally got used to the rubbery feel - any suggestions what to try next that builds on this success??

I am not having any luck with images so here is the link to the pics of what I tried (it was mango flavored):

Anyone use their gear/recipes to help with faith based eating practices?

Lent starts this week. I don't fast because of health reasons but I will be trying to abstain (from meats) more. My son does not yet have to fast but figure I would use this season to emulate what he will be doing in coming years.

I am thinking of promoting using bentos for the season (it should be easier to meet fasting rules if you pack your own meals).

Any suggestions??

What veggies go with meatballs and rice?

My mom and I are doing our bi-weekly meal planning and we found a delicious sounding sweet and saucy meatball recipe to go with rice. However we are not sure what sort of veggies we should put with it, as all we keep coming up with is peppers, which apparently my dad does not like. Any suggestions?

Cooking in aluminium foil in the pan

Hi everybody!

I saw on a bento book a method for cooking small amounts of food at the same time:
they put an aluminium foil below an ingredient in the 18 cm non-stick pan, so for example they are able to cook chicken in a half of the pan (on a piece of aluminium foil), and some vegetables in the other half, on the pan or on another piece of aluminium foil.
Then if you want to cook some other food you just have to use a new aluminium foil and the pan is already clean!

I thought I found the japanese secret for cooking small amounts of many dishes at once, continue reading...

Lock and Lock lunch sets in UK

I have just found (and purchased!) a lock and lock lunch/bento set in the UK :D
Found it on the QVC website so if any UK bentoists are interested they might like a look (link direct to the item won't work, just do a search for lock and lock)

I need another set like a hole in the head and I will probably end up divorced :oops:

20th February Wrapup for Late-Starters

Anyone who started the challenge late, or who wishes to continue after week 5, can put their week's wrapup here.

I'll keep posting weekly wrapups for as long as there is a demand.