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Alternate dashi methods

I often find that I just can't be bothered to take out a pan to make dashi for a single, small bowl of something that only I'll be eating. So, I've been pondering some alternatives.

With a large water dispenser which produces water hot enough to leave quite a painful burning sensation and red mark throughout the day and night and a microwave and rice cooker (with one of those switches without any actual settings) at my disposal, I feel there must be some way to make small portions of dashi without the stove. continue reading...

extra small bento box?

i'm very small and am trying to keep my bentos around 200 calories.
does anyone have any suggestions for bento boxes that are around 200-250 ml, without looking extremely childish?
oh and any good recipes would help.

Anyone pre-order The Just Bento Cookbook from the book depository?

So as the title says, did anyone from the US order the book of their website?
I pre-ordered it, but still haven't gotten it and it's been almost a month since release. :(

I already contacted them, but they said to try the local post offices.. so if you ordered, which post office delivered to you? USPS? UPS?

thanks :)

Homemade bbq sauce?

Hey everyone, I really want to make pan-cooked bbq chicken for one of my bento, but I am very broke because of Christmas shopping! (Seriously, I can't even afford to buy a bottle of bbq sauce right now. >_>)

So I was wondering if you had any recipes of your own? I'd rather it not be too complicated--after all, I am broke. But I do have worcestershire sauce, ketchup, various cooking wines. The flavor doesn't have to be EXACTLY like bbq sauce, just similar and somewhat sweet--maybe even a little spicy.

Thanks for your help!

Recommendation for blender/juicer

Hi all,
I've been avoiding buying too many kitchen equipments because I'm currently living in a rented place, and it's such a hassle when I have to move.
But I figured that with all the money I spend buying fresh smoothies everyday, the time has come for me to invest in my first food processor (or blender or smoothie maker? so many names!)..
It'd mainly be used to make smoothies everyday, and the occasional soup...

Would be good if it can also function as a juicer, but that'd be an added benefit, and not a must-have.

Can anyone recommend a good brand? continue reading...

A Surplus of Supplies

In the area where I am currently located, the only thing I have access to, in ways of japanese food supplies is bulk bulk and more bulk...
While i have no problem when this is rice and soba noodles ^.^
Someone recently bought me 2 pounds (907 grams) of tahini which i have no idea what to do with considering i'm a non-native bentoist.
So i would love if anyone could post any ideas so I don't waste perfectly good food.

Bento Equipment Shopping in Hong Kong

Hello Everyone

I thought i would share the address of places I was able to get bento equipment from while we were in Hong Kong

If you like to bake, decorate or bento, ANYTHING Asian or western. Go here.
They have baking ingredients, cake holders, piping equipment, gift wrapping. compound chocolate, food colourings, silicon moulds, baking tins, stainless steel cutters... and a good selection of Bento Cutters. But no bento boxes! continue reading...

Rice Cooker or Slow Cooker? Can i still cook rice in the slow cooker?

I've been looking around on the internet at rice cookers and slow cookers and wondering which to get.

I'd be tempted to get both but my problem is that counter and storage space is strictly limited in our kitchen so ideally i'd like something that i can both set a timer for rice for my bento in the morning and cook lovely stews and soups for when i come home from work in the winter. continue reading...