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Question about two-tier boxes

Hi everyone,

I ordered a two-tier bento box online a couple of days ago (it hasn't arrived yet), and I'd like to know if it's possible to use just one tier, and leave the other one at home?

This is the box:

Thank you!
- Katie

Wheat Free Tempura?


I have a wheat allergy, and it means I cannot eat many of my favorite foods :( so I am always on a mission to find good wheat free recipes!

One of my favorite things is a shrimp tempura onigiri. I love them so much, and I used to eat them almost every lunch at work, but now I cannot eat them because the batter has wheat in it! Is there anyway to make tempura without wheat? Or is it just disgusting then?

If you have any wheat free tempura recipes, please share! I would really appreciate it ^^ and my belly would thank you too :3 hehe

Whaaat? Is it me or is it them?

Hi everyone!

I found this page recently on - (yes I know, I’m not making it a clickable link on purpose, because in my opinions it’s not a good reference page and doesn’t deserve ‘link juice’, as you’ll see below)

If you have some time to kill, please take a look at that page. It basically uses JustBento has the primary source, but misinterprets things enough to confuse anyone new to bento. continue reading...

Thermal bento sets

Maki wrote a great post on thermal bento sets the other day and I'm looking into them. I'm interested in the second type she reviews, where the rice and soup containers are kept warm and the others carried outside of the thermal bit.

Has anyone had any experience of these? Can you recommend any? I live in the UK if that's any help, thanks.

★xx~Ways to eat your rice~xx★

★xx~Ways to eat your rice~xx★

By ziuziuziu x)

From my daily life experiences, I know that rice can taste pretty boring :(
I have absolutely no idea if these will suit your tastes or not but ... haha just endure it.

These are ways to make your rice tastier (or healthier)!!


You can use fruits such as APPLES , MANGOS , ORANGES , PEARS , PINEAPPLES ... etc
...and cut them up into small pieces. ( small enough to mix with rice i guess..)


Add sprinkles/chocolate chips

or continue reading...

Chain Store Bento Gear!

Living in Alabama, there isn't much demand for bento gear here. I'd thought I'd share what gear I find at common US chains with everyone via this thread. continue reading...

Portable bento for lunch AND dinner?

I have 9 hours of college classes in one day this term, and the food on campus is AWFUL, so I want to get myself in gear and start doing a proper bento type thing so I'm not starving and end up hitting up vending machines for food.

The catch is that I need something easily portable that will actually hold either two reasonably sized meals, or a decent meal and a couple of hearty snacks. (I can always get something to eat when I get home late, if I haven't had enough, but I need to at least be not actually distractingly hungry, you know?) continue reading...


Hey everyone! Hope your holidays were awesome! Santa got me what I wanted so I'm pleased haha! Though it was hectic this christmas, 12 of us all staying in my tiny house and 2 young kids. Wow.

Anyway, my Mum does pickles every year for gifts, lime pickle, picalilli, beetroot etc. This year I got a couple of jars!! Both quite large, one is pickled garlic (I use garlic a lot in cooking so very useful!) and some pickled ginger slices. Now these babies are HOT, helped clear my sinuses of my cold xD But sooooo very tasty! continue reading...