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Kidney Bento is Born

My little spot on the web has finally been born.

is now online and looking for interested readers.

What does it deal with?

my personal experiences dealing with Kidney Disease and figuring out what and how I'm going to eat and stick to 62 grams of protien and 2,000 mg of sodium a day. This is going to be a fun crazy adventure.

Please note I am not a medical professional in any way shape or form and all posts are based on my own research and experiances and I am not held responsible for stuff if it backfires. continue reading...

Roasted Cauliflower (with leaves and stems)

I'm growing cauliflower for the first time, and the results were kind of small compared to the rest of the plant. In searching whether the leaves and stalks of cauliflower were edible, I found this recipe: I made it, and it was delicious, even at room temperature. The leaves were nice and crispy. I think it'd work well for bento. continue reading...

How does the food stay crispy?

I quite like dishes like pan-fried chicken nuggets, Chicken Kijiyaki (tomorrow's bento ^^), Chicken Kara-age or the Fried Shrimp as the meaty part of my bentos... But somehow the fried foods never stays crispy after a few hours in a bento box. I always let everything cool down completely before I put it in the box or before I close the lid but still... I mean, I don't expect my chicken to be super crispy, but it would be nice if it had a little crunch instead of being a little soggy. Does anybody have a trick? Maybe I am doing something wrong? continue reading...

Bento for Kidney Disease

An idea just popped in my head a few days ago and I wanted to post it and get opinions on it.

I have recently been diagnosed with Stage 3 Kidney Disease. (This simply means my kidneys are not working as well as they should and we are trying to get them to reboot.) I am thinking bentos would be a wonderful way to help me keep my food in check.

I go to see a nutritionist tomorrow and hopefully she will be able to give me a bit more solid information on what * I * need to do. continue reading...

A glut of greens

Help! I work in a community garden, and it's greens season! I already plan to make furikake with my radish and beet tops, and I've put "mixed Asian greens," arugula and turnip greens in stir fries, vegan tofu burgers, and curry, but I still have about another 4 cups of turnip greens, and more mixed Asian greens and arugula than I can eat in salads. continue reading...

Homemade natto?

I was wondering if anyone's ever made their own natto? How easy is it? I actually haven't tried natto yet, but I do have dried soybeans on hand. I know I'd probably have to scrounge around for the active ingredients, which might be even harder to find than prepared natto... but I'm scared of buying something only to have to throw it away; at least if I made it myself, I could make a very small batch, and disguise it.

'cooked' fresh vegetables and fruit

I'm putting this here rather than in the general recipes section because I think it kind of applies to bento cooking in terms of increasing food safety, and so I'm hoping there might be lots of bento-intended recipes that will work quite well. :) continue reading...