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Bento Gear Giveaway at Not Exactly Bento

I just wanted to drop by and announce a bento gear giveaway at Not Exactly Bento.
The full details of the giveaway can be found at
Everyone, both U.S. and International bento enthusiasts, are eligible to enter.

Thank you Maki for a great forum to allow others to let the bento community know about their events.


Jenn of Not Exactly Bento

bento equipment in Canada

Hello everybody - I am looking for a source for bento equipment in Canada. I have a few boxes now, but would like to be able to get more, but without the excessive shipping. I have ordered online, but the shipping often costs more than the box does. continue reading...

Lactose Intolerance

About a month or two ago I found out I was Lactose Intolerant. Sucks really. I can't enjoy as many of the foods as I had before. I've tried soy, rice, and almond milk and I like them pretty well. But what about cheese and ice cream? Where can I buy dairy free cheese and ice cream. Or even butter? Also, does aged cheese really not have lactose in it? And what cheese would that be...

Sorry for all the questions. Just not being able to eat dairy makes me sad :( Thanks for all your help!

cooking for the week

Today was my day to cook for the next week. I work 7 days on and 7days off, so I need 7 lunches and one dinner for my work week. The dinner is because I go to a class one evening and leave straight from work. This weeks menu will be rice several days, a couple of days will be tofu nuggets, shrimp one day, teriyaki chicken and maybe some leftovers from family dinners. I made kinpura and marinated vegies. One day I will slice some cucumbers and put them in rice vinegar, another day I will steam some snow peas. For variety I will make some rice noodles once or twice. continue reading...

Non-spoiling bento?

I'm going on a trip sponsored by my dorm; the trip involves a long ride on a bus, and so I'm bringing bentos for the trip out. However, the last time I know I'll have access to a kitchen is on Thursday morning, and we return on an equally long bus ride literally all day Sunday. I'd like to pack at least some snacks in a bento box to avoid spending a lot buying food for the return trip - any ideas for recipes that can keep without refrigeration that long? >.> I'm thinking nuts are good, fruits with a thick rind if I don't cut them up... continue reading...

Spring Bento Challenge?

Just wanting to see if anyone is interested in doing a Spring themed Bento?
This forum looked a little dusty so I thought I would ask.

How would the challenge work?

Use local spring produce available in your area. Explore your local markets, farms, and stores and see what they have in season. Experiemnt. Try a fruit or veggie you've never seen before.

How long do you have?
Until the End of April, Beginning of May

What about posting a picture of my Bento?
Please Do! It's not required (though a recipe including the new fruit or veggie you found would be nice) continue reading...

Thoughts On Canned Salmon

I was just wondering some thoughts on canned salmon from the bento community and it's applications to bento.

So far I have used it only a couple times, looking for a variety of proteins for my boo to enjoy in her bento. She likes it, and what I have done is drained it well, added a touch of salt, and used it as onigiri filling. I have also used it by itself. Both times she liked it. Maki has some wonderful applications for fresh salmon (I really want to try the salted salmon recipe sometime), but I was curious as to thoughts on the canned goods.

Chicken kamameshi rice recipe

Hi everyone!

I'm a bit new here. :) just wondering if any of you have authentic kamameshi rice recipes? Cooked in a rice cooker preferably :) thanks in advance! Been wanting to make this recipe for so long!