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Not sure if this belongs here..but help!

Hey there!
I figured this pertained to travel..but if it's still in the wrong category sorry!!
I'm moving to japan for a year this fall and I have a question that's been bugging me..
I live in Minnesota and I eat and cook alot of korean food (in many ways it's become a comfort food for me lol). continue reading...

Upside down?

I've been looking through lots of great bento photos at flckr lately... Many people use little cups or containers to divide different foods and also for sauces - and many times without a lid. How do you keep your bento box "safe" on the way to work or school? Even if I pack it very carefully mine seems to be more often upside down than not when I reopen my bag to put in the fridge! So I'm curious how often you find that your beautifully packed bento has turned into a big mess? (hopefully not often...!)

punch friendly nori brands

Hi everyone! This post is more for the bento markers with niko niko punches...

I'm having a terrible time with my punches and I'm finding the nori paper won't punch
cleanly or it breaks as the piece come out :(
I've found folding the nori 3-4 times helps bit however, it's still a case of hit and miss...

So maybe its the nori paper... Which brings me to the next q...

Which nori brand do you believe works best with nori punches

Black Sesame Steamed Cupcakes

My oven has been acting up lately, so I've been looking for more stovetop recipes. This black sesame cupcake recipe was wonderful, so I thought I'd share. ^^
I can't find commercial black sesame paste, so I used this instead:
My cupcakes came out a light gray color instead of a lovely deep black, but they tasted great. continue reading...

Oatmeal cooking

New poster here, although I've been following JustBento and JustHungry for awhile now.

For some reason, I have quite a lot of oatmeal stocked in my pantry (instant version). Is there any other way to cook oatmeal other than just putting hot water and sugar on it? I'm quite getting tired of that taste, but I don't want to just throw away those oats..

digging up gobo

hello everyone,
and thanks for reading yet another "other food talk" topic from me.
there are a lot of greater burdock plants growing wild in germany, here they are known as große kletten and not eaten. my grandpa once told me the roots were edible. he said they were ok "war food", especially with a bit of rabbit, but "woody" and that he wouldn't eat them as long as he could have real potatoes. continue reading...

Homemade vegetarian kimchi recipe

[I know I haven’t been posting a lot of recipes lately…travelling around so much does that to you. So here’s a great recipe for vegetarian/vegan kimchi from the forums, by Stephanie.! - maki]

I recently started making my own kimchi, because I was having trouble finding one that was fish free and without a ton of additives. It is super easy and easily customizable. continue reading...

dried vs. fresh shiitake mushrooms

In some recipes (sticky rice for example) it says that you need dried shiitake mushrooms. Is it possible to replache them with fresh ones? Has anyone tried this? And if so, do you use the same quantity and method of cooking? I'm lucky enough to be able to buy fresh ones here :D