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My food looks funny...

Well, the food of these people does anyways -
It's pretty cute if you haven't seen it. There are a few bento on there.

I also wanted to post this tutorial for making edible googly-eyes.

If this is too general for Bento General Discussion, please feel free to move it maki. :D

Bento Challenge Announced

What is your 30-Day Bento Challenge? For the month of April, what is that YOU want to try to do? It is the beginning of a fun giveaway at Not Exactly Bento! Here’s how it works…

1. Post your bento goals at Not Exactly Bento. Do you want to make sure to pack a bento every day? Every work day? Every Friday? Do you want to pack healthy bentos? Cuter bentos? Fancier bentos? Whatever your personal goals are, list them below. continue reading...

cloud bamboo

hi everybody,

my mom bought a jar of pickled vegetables (in oil) that is somewhat spicy, and in japanese, it's labeled "cloud bamboo." what kind of vegetable is this? is it a bamboo or something else?

thank you.

What is your recipe for oyakodon?

I'm very pleased to say that there is an AMAZING Japanese grocery near the university I'm transferring to next fall. It has a little cafe that offers soba, udon, curry and other goodies, a great grocery with lots of Japanese produce, ready-made bentos, AND onigiri!. There is nothing like this where I live right now so I'm pretty excited.

But anyway, I tried their oyakodon bento and it was delicious! A far cry from my attempts at oyakodon, even though it was cold. I think perhaps I'm too hesitant with the sugar.... Anyone have a good recipe?

Help me through the cauliflower glut

One of the blessings of a dreadful winter was the terrible effect it had on the usually hardy cauliflower crop.

Every week I get a box full of vegetables delivered to the door. Occasionally there's something in there I'm not fond of, but usually I can find a way to like eating them, or my husband will finish them off as he isn't nearly as fussy as I am and really loves winter vegetables (an example is parsnips, I can just about tolerate these in muffins but my husband enjoys the taste and will slice and roast a batch in the oven). continue reading...

(super easy) Sweet and Spicy Gochujang glazed chicken drummies

This is my first time ever writing out a recipe. I like to experiment a lot and am always making my own creations but I rarely ever write them down (or use measurements). I liked this one and so did my mom. So, I thought I should try and write down a recipe for it so I can share it with others :) . If it's hard to follow let me know. I kind of guessed on the measurements so if you try it out and you think it could use a little more or a little less of something please..let me know! ha ha.
So any way..the moment of truth!
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Food in South Korea?

Hello everyone!
I'll be traveling to South Korea in June and as I love to taste new foods and try out new things I'm really waiting forward to the trip! We'll be staying at the Seoul area and maybe a few days in Jeju.
Any suggestions what foods I definately should try out (in addition to kimchi, of course!), good dishes or even restaurants?
What about bento, is there any bento culture in Korea? Is there a possibility to buy bento boxes or other equipment?
What foods or spices etc would make a good souvenir or I should maybe bring home with me? continue reading...

white miso or red miso?

Many recipes I've seen here on Justbento and Justhungry call for shiromiso: can I substitute red miso if I don't have the white kind? I've never tasted shiromiso, so I do not know if there is a big difference between the two kinds ...