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Bento for a preschooler

Summer vacation is nearly over. My 4 y.o. daughter will be starting school again in less than a month, and I am considering making bento for her. In the previous schoolyear, she mostly had rice and chicken nuggets. I want her to try other stuff as well. I have a few ideas on what to put in her box:

Small shaped onigiri
Shaped hotdogs/sausages
Cheese slices (cut with cookie cutters)
Noodles with no sauce (she doesn't like sauce on her spaghetti for example) continue reading...

What are your favorite miso soup combinations?

I love miso soup. One of my favorite things to add is cubed sweet potato and a teaspoon of tahini for added creaminess. Then I have different variations on that:

sweet potato/ wakame/ leek/tahini
sweet potato/ bok choy/ daikon/ tahini
sweet potato bok choy/ bean sprouts/ tahini
sweet potato/ asparagus/ wakame/ tahini

(If you can't tell I love sweet potato=)

Then I also like:

sweet corn/ wakame/ zucchini

I usually always use white miso. I like red miso better in other types of cooking. Sometimes I add tofu too.

I'd love other ideas!


So, it looks like spring is finally here for real, and I am thankful as I was starting to get fed up with winter vegetables :P

I've been experimenting with making tsukemono, and I'd like to try making misozuke, however the info and direction I have found online are contrasting, especially about the pickling time, from overnight (for example here ) to two weeks, up to three months (like here °_° continue reading...

Problems with sausage cutter for shapes

I recently purchased a sausage cutter from an online store. It is a simple plastic case with a built in cutter to create a crab shape from sausages. I tried it with fat free beef hotdogs and it didn't work well. The shape looked like a slaughtered crab. Am I doing something wrong?

Drinks question!

Well, the weather's been warming up lately, and drinking hot tea is going to start to be not so nice soon. While I do make plain iced tea, both green and black, I've been enjoying cold milk tea lately. I usually make it the night before, let it cool in the fridge and then drink it in the next couple days.
It'd be nice to make it in advance and be able to store it for, say, a week or so.
But for some reason, I think that when you heat the milk up, it'll make it spoil faster. I don't know why I think this, and I'm not sure if it's right or not. continue reading...

Bento storage?

Where and how do you store and organize your bentos and accessories? My cabinets are a MESS. Do you have anything you use to organize? Extra points for a photo!

New Lock & Lock bento sets on Ebay

It looks like Lock & Lock has released new bento sets in four colors.

Do you think a single person can finish a 15 pound bag of rice before it goes bad?

I don't think I'll be able to fit it in the refrigerator. I can go through a small bag in about 2 weeks.