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Simple single serve egg/frittatta thingies

I found these on another site for weight loss actually and found they work perfect for a protein punch and can freeze for a quick toss in the lunch on the way out the door. It's not really japanese at all but it works perfect for my americanized bentos I think.

You will need
Ham slices
shredded cheddar
salt/pepper to taste
muffin cups/pan

1 egg will produce 2 egg cups so plan your ingredients around how many you will make.

line each muffin cup with a slice or two of ham (depending on how thin it's sliced). continue reading...

Hey, the Just Bento Cookbook is AVAILABLE NOW?

Just went to re-load a page on bento & co, and lo and behold I see we Americans won't have to wait until January?

If it's only for pre-order, that would be great, too...

Take a look:

Finding the goods

I know we can use any box for bento, and that's what I've been doing the few I have done, but with school starting I know my sont will toss it in a backpack and everything will shift so I'm looking for stackables. All I am finding is either in the 20 dollar range and/or necessitates me paying even more for imported shipping. I like the idea of the narrow ones, but I'm searching hopelessly for stores that even sell bento supplies around here. continue reading...

Help baking a cake in a rice cooker.

I just got a new rice cooker- Aroma's ARC-856- and it arrived just in time for me to make my sister's birthday cake, even allowing a couple of days for experimentation. This is a 6 cup cooker with no dedicated cake function, but it does have Aroma's version of "fuzzy logic" and multiple rice settings, as well as steam cook and 1 hour and 2 hour slow cook settings, and a delay timer. Has anyone ever made a cake in a similar type of cooker? If I use a mix, do I need to halve it? I don't want to blow up my brand new cooker on the first try! continue reading...

Caigua/Achocha - cooking ideas?

Having seen a mouthwatering recipe for a Peruvian potato salad and with the subject of Yuca/Cassava being brought up, I see an opportunity for my own Question about Caigua.

Maki recommended a UK based company called Real Seeds and I was intrigued with the vigorous climbing plant they call achocha. The plant is doing very well and I'm expecting to start harvesting fruits in about a month from now. continue reading...

What are your favorite things to do with umeboshi?

I love these! They are so nice and sour. I don't understand why some people think it's gross, but lemons are one of my favorite fruit so I guess I just love sour things. I'd like more ideas on how to eat them. I already like one of plain rice. I have an umeboshi sauce I use on soba noodles with soft tofu and I also made umeboshi fried rice one time that was really yummy. Has anyone tried ume tea?

Selfmade Bean-Bags for inarizushi / aburaage-pouches, fried tofu skins

Hello guys!

I want to show you my first attempt to make inarizushi from scratch including frying the aburaage and cut pouches into it. I have read here that it would be impossible to do them at home, because there are special processes to be made by machine.

But mine came out pretty well, so maybe you wanna try it, too! :) I just love inarizushi in Bento! <3

My blog is in german language, but you can read in english using google translate, which is in the right sidebar. continue reading...

Silicone cups for chawanmushi

I have recently discovered that I have to stop any sort of frying or deep frying in my house until I can find a way to get rid of the nasty smoke that ensues. Hence I am turning to other cooking methods, and one of them is steaming.

I have already attempted and succeeded in making mushipan using silicone cups as Bronwyn described in this thread. It's a great hit with my daughter! continue reading...