Sweet-Sour Red Wine Vinegar Chicken


This is a variation on the Balsamic Vinegar and Sesame Chicken recipe. I came up with this when I ran out of balsamic vinegar and had to make do with plain red wine vinegar - which of course is much cheaper. It’s even simpler to make since you do not have to deal with the sesame. continue reading...

Bento filler: Spicy miso marinated green asparagus


We’re nearing the end of the green asparagus season around here, so I’m trying to eat as much of it as possible. This miso marinated asparagus dish may look very spicy, but it’s only mildly so - it just looks rather hot because I used a red miso. The miso marinade does not overwhelm the asparagus flavor, but just enhances it. It is great in a bento since it’s salty, a little sweet and spicy all at once. continue reading...