Cooking Gallery's My Bento Contest

Another bento contest with great prizes. continue reading...

Yet another personal update

Hi JustBento fans! I'm so sorry for neglecting you these days, but I do have some good reasons. For an update, please read this (scroll down past the sweet potato part). I and/or The Guy hope to be back soon!

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Bento contests: Food deco contest at All Things For Sale

A contest with a cash prize! What can be better? continue reading...

Two approaches to katsu sando, plus more Japanese sandwiches


About the katsu sando, a very Japanese sandwich, and other sandwiches from Japan. continue reading...

Another update on the Just Bento Cookbook

I’ve been getting several emails asking about the availability of The Just Bento Cookbook. Apparently it has been selling out and is out of stock, even on Amazon.com. I am happy to say that the book is being reprinted again as we speak, so hopefully you should be able to pick up a copy before the holidays. It will be the 5th printing for the little book, which is just amazing to me. continue reading...

Food doesn't always have to be hot to be nourishing

Pondering the prejudice in many cultures against ‘cold’ food. continue reading...


Hi everyone. I put up a post about my health situation over on my personal site. Please take a look if you're interested.

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