Maki on the radio!

I was interviewed on WRS Geneva, an English-language radio station in Geneva (Genève), Switzerland, this past Tuesday, on their food programme called Stir It Up. The MP3 is up now for download (link now corrected!), so if you want to know how I sound, with a stuffed nose (from allergies…agh!) complete with my totally mixed up accent, my segment starts after the rhubarb at around 9:45. It might be of interest to people who want to know why I started blogging about Japanese food after moving to Switzerland of all places. I also talk about about the growing popularity of bento boxes! (Cross-posted to Just Hungry and Just Bento.)

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Re: Maki on the radio!

That was a fun interview- I enjoyed listening to it. (If you ever had a New York accent, Maki, I think it's gone now. :) )

I still remember how hard it was for my parents to get Japanese (or even Asian) food when I was little. We used to have weekly trips to Chinatown here, and to New York just to get staples as well. Now, there are more grocery stores closer to where my parents live that carry Asian food, although my dad will still make an occasional run to New York.

Re: Maki on the radio!

I think I really only took on some NY vocabulary, like 'oy vay' and 'chutzpah' (don't say much of that anymore, but I still say 'oy vay' a lot).

I always thought Zürich was a desert when it came to Asian food, but now I know that it's really not so bad...compared to other places -_-;

Re: Maki on the radio!

Yay, you're famous! ;)
I actually had problem getting onto the site today. It kept telling me that max users had been reached!


really funny to hear your voice. gives flesh to your writing, you know?

Re: Maki on the radio!


Congrats Maki! I have not heard it yet, but I just wanted to say that this is wonderful, maybe you could have Maki Radio more often!!!

Ate Logo,

Re: Maki on the radio!

Congratulations! You're an inspiration to everyone who is out there blogging about what they love in life :-)

Site performance issues

I know the site was hanging up a lot yesterday...when I was on the road, of course :/. It is experiencing some growing pains, which I hope to do something about as soon as I can.

Re: Just Bento Blog

I just love your site it's beautiful, entertaining and helpful. Of course where I live everyone knows about the Bento Box!


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