Lily Allen asks for bento lunches, sort of

It seems that British singer Lily Allen is going to Japan for a concert tour - and she wants bentos! Well, sort of. Earlier today, she Twittered that she “put a traditional school packed lunch contained in lunchbox” on her rider, and posted a couple of photos. I wonder if she asked for the pink Hello Kitty box. Click on the thumbnail pics to see a larger view:

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The large box contains some typically Japanese sandwiches. The round container is fruit yogurt (yoghurt for you Brits), and the square box is juice. Yep, they have Doritos (ドリトス) in Japan. Looks like they are giving her the メキシカン・タコス味 (Mexican Tacos Flavor).

It does look like whoever is supplying the lunches did go for the most Western version of a ‘typical’ Japanese school lunch though. If they were going for a typical schoolkid’s bento lunch, where are the onigiri, the potato salad, the octopus wieners? :) She’s sure to like the sandwiches though, since Japanese sandwiches are very similar to English tea sandwiches- soft white sliced bread with lots of butter and a thin layer of filling. (via chotda/santos)

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Re: Lily Allen asks for bento lunches, sort of

i hope the tokyo concert organizers are more creative! i would commission a food portrait in a bento box. or at least incorporate nori musical notes!

the soy joy makes me laugh, though. before it was available in the western markets here, it was only sold in our japanese deli, and they always had cases of the stuff. is it really popular in japan??

Re: Lily Allen asks for bento lunches, sort of

I really don't like the Soy Joy bars and I eat a lot of soy. They have a very... cardboardish flavor. I do love the Japanese Doritos varieties though; wasabi is my favorite!

Your description of Japanese sandwiches sounds exactly like Taiwanese sandwiches. The bread is so soft it is almost like cake and it is a bit sweet. Is this similar to the Japanese bread?

Japanese bread

Japanese sliced bread is not that sweet, but it is soft. It's not cak-like. It's like English sliced bread or French pain de mie - it probably evolved from those breads - and has a stretchy, bouncy crumb. I think Japanese sliced bread is the best in its category (soft-crust bread meant for toast and sandwiches), but i'm biased of course :)

Re: Lily Allen asks for bento lunches, sort of

Could you please add a Japanese sammie recipe? By the way, fromjapanwithlove has shinzi katoh's ringo items, as does iloveobento, but I'm biased to fromjapanwithlove :)

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