Just Bento 1st Anniversary / Just Hungry 5th Anniversary Giveaway!

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Howdy! Just Bento and big sister site Just Hungry are having a big birthday bash giveaway extravaganza this week! You can read the Just Hungry post here, but I wanted to thank all Just Bento readers specially for helping this site to grow in readership numbers exponentially in its first year!

So, without further ado, here is today’s Just Bento giveaway!

First the rules again

Full information is in the Just Hungry post, but the important bits:

This giveaway is open to everyone, regardless of where you live, as long as you can receive mail!

Your comment must contain the following, or your entry will be disqualified:

  • Your email address - put this in the Email box so that spambots can’t see it. The email is necessary so I can contact you if you win!
  • Your name (a nickname is ok)
  • Your location (country)
  • You can enter/comment for all giveaways if you want, but one item per comment please!
  • Your comment must be posted before the stated deadline.

Note: None of the following items is a review copy, advertising freebie, etc. They are all items that I have duplicates or similar of myself and have used and loved!

Delivery: I’ll airmail you the item if you win ASAP, but I cannot guarantee you’ll get in time for Christmas.

Here’s the first item for Just Bento!

Just Bento Giveaway No. 1: akinoichigo’s Character Bento book


As I wrote about previously, akinoichigo is one of the leading kyaraben / charaben artists in Japan. Her first book akinoichigo’s Fun Fun! Character Bento (akinoichigoのわくわく! キャラクターのお弁当) is full of gorgeous photos and how-tos, which you can get lots of inspiration from even if you don’t read Japanese (though of course, that would help). The techniques range from basic to rather more complicated, so if you’re looking to improve your cute-bento making skills this book is a must for your library!

DEADLINE: Your comment/entry must be posted before Midnight Greenwich Mean Time on Thursday, December 4th.

Good luck!

This giveaway is now closed. Thank you for your comments!

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Oh, how I love this place

I’m Debbie, from North Carolina, USA!

I’ve been with Just Hungry for almost 4 years, and Just Bento since it started; thank you for such a wonderful, wonderful site that I always come back to! <3

Bentos and giveaways!

I’ve loved your sites Justhungry and Justbento for a little over a year now. I was so overjoyed to have discovered them and I’m not sure now what I would do without them! I have for the past year made (hopefully!!!) nice non-fancy bentos for my husband to bring to work and he always appreciates it! So now with this giveaway extravaganza, I hope I can win something, anything and make even better bentos! Keep it up Maki!

Cheers, Annabel - Bern, Switzerland

Great Timing

For a number of health reasons I’ve recently had to start taking in packed lunches to work. I’m getting bored of the same old things everyday and Pop I find your blog!

Really looking forward to trying the cute and fun recipes…. and making my OH smile when he opens his lunchbox. The bite bite is with the eye :)

Food is art!

I’ve only discovered your Blog/site about a month ago, and you’ve given me some great ideas already!! Delicious!

Good luck to all contenders.

Alice A., Belgium


I would love this : )

Ian United States

5+1 years =DD i’m gonna be

5+1 years =DD i’m gonna be honnest, i never followed jhungry, i just go there each time i look for tasty recipes and some orientations xD i do recieve jbento’s emails tho ^^ happy birthdaaaay/s =DD

Ana, Portugal

awesome site

Wow! I had thought this site had been around longer than a year. I absolutely love your site! I keep a personal file of tips and recipes from it for reference!! Congratulations!! Jessica USA


If it won’t be for Just Bento, I’d never found Just Hungry (I love both sides!) Happy Birthday Just Bento! ;) Hanne (currently in the UK, returning to Germany for Chirstmas)


Congratulations on the anniversaries and thanks for doing the sites - I love reading them and have tried quite a few things already!

Andrea from Berlin, Germany


Minh - USA

Congrats on one whole year! =]


Congratulations Just Bento! I love your site! Anytime I want to make anything Japanese this is the first site I go to! May many more years come!


Congrat! One year and so many readers! Thanks for the chance to Win. Name: Zoé Country: Poland

Omg sooo cute~ Thank you for

Omg sooo cute~ Thank you for the give aways, I’m so obsessed with both of your sites!! Location: United States

congratulations! i love

congratulations! i love both your sites and constantly go back to just hungry for recipes… it’s an almost daily reference!

jen from new york, united states

Happy Anniversary!

My girlfriend would love this!

Fullerton, CA, US

United States

Happy Anniversary for both your sites, keep up the good work.

Cuteness! Name: Carrie


Name: Carrie M. Country: USA

Happy Anniversary!

Name: KayDat Location:

Name: KayDat Location: Australia


I’m really enjoying the blog.

Location: Vermont, USA

Miami, FL (USA) Love the

Miami, FL (USA) Love the site and Congrats on the One Year!

Happy Anniversary!

I really like your blog. I especially appreciate the vegan bentos!


Tucson, Arizona, USA.

Congratulations on five years!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Just Hungry & Just Bento! Oh i would love to have that super cute kyaraben book … drooooolllsss

StRaw8erry, Indonesia

Win CA, USA. I see Totoro!

Win CA, USA.

I see Totoro!

A french fan

Hi Maki. I’m always one off your fans. Paris, FRANCE

Totoro! So eyecatching.

Totoro! So eyecatching. Happy anniversary!

Nettles from Canada.

Congrats from Denmark

I want to send alot of congrats here from the cold’n’windy Denmark.

I just discovered this site lately, but it has really given me the urge to try out bentos. Partly because I’m very Japanophile, partly because I ought to loose weight .. but mostly because it’s looks so yummy.

Domo Arrigato-Gozaimasu for at great website!

Best regards Niels M. Frederiksen Denmark

well, I will try my luck

well, I will try my luck :D


Natalia from Poland (gosh:)

Natalia from Poland (gosh:)

More Bento cuteness ? How

More Bento cuteness ? How can I resist…. Country : France

Happy Birthday!

woo~~ a kyaraben book! i want!

country: singapore

name: miaow

Keep up the good work!

Congratulations on your first anniversary of this bento site! i have been interested in bento for a long time, and have always wondered how the japanese are able to make such nice bentos.. although i still take quite a long time to make one, hopefully i will speed up!

Elaine, Australia

Sweet story!

I enjoyed your story. :-D

Jill, USA

Oops! I posted in Just

Oops! I posted in Just Hungry and I meant to post here. I receive your Just Bento email and look forward to receiving it, as does my daughter, whose lunches it helps to brighten :)

Alida USA

Name: Amanda Location:

Name: Amanda Location: United States

Your name (a nickname is

Your name (a nickname is ok): Angie Your location (country) : USA You can enter/comment for all giveaways if you want, but one item per comment please!

I just discovered JustBento a few weeks ago and am inspired! I have been looking for interesting lunch box ideas and this has been perfect. Interestingly enough, since the recipes are bite sized, I can probably cook these items for my almost 2-year old daughter!

Congratulations on your websites’ anniversary! Looking forward to many many more!

Oh Wow!

Just Bento is 1!

That’s so great. Happy One!

SanMelMama of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

bonbon for the win!

Such a cute book. If I don’t win, just mail one of those gorgeous cupcakes to me: USA.

That book is so adorable.

That book is so adorable. Happy B-day, Just Bento. The Go Family CT, USA


Name: Melissa Location: Twin Falls, Idaho, United States

Love this site. The recipes

Love this site. The recipes for bento staples are always awesome!

Name; Sile Country: USA


Aww cute book! Thanks for doing this ^^ and happy anniversary!

Name: Steph Location: USA

Happy Birthday- Give-away

I have really enjoyed reading your adventures in cooking & travel! I have learned a lot from you & will continue to use your ideas & bentos! May you have continued good fortune in the future & looking forward to new things! Ilona, Murrieta, California

Why Is Japan So Cute???

From Anchorage, Alaska … could you address the topic in my subject line?

I fell in love with Hello Kitty when a Japanese friend gave me a HK calculator, over 30 years ago.. And the computer STILL functions! It’s just yellowed a bit in age.

Happy birthday!

Congrats on your blog’s birthday! I get so excited whenever there’s a new post!

So Cute!

The cover of this book is absolutely adorable! My bentos are mostly simple but I would love to throw in some cute animals. Which sounds demented from a carnivorous point of view..

Sophie Honolulu, HI USA

Happy Anniversary!

This book looks adorable and despite my complete and total inability to read Japanese, I’m sure that the pictures would help me make some sense of it. Besides, I’ve never been one to follow a recipe to the letter :)

Country: U.S.

You gotta be in it to win it!

as they say for the NY Lottery!

Congratulations on both anniversaries!

Eilish in NYS, USA

In need of new bento!

Growing up I had a bento that I got from my family when they lived in Japan. I have carried this bento around for YEARS (no one is allowed to use it in case they lose it) and we call it “Peter Rabbit” because of the Peter Rabbit design on thetop. And my husband just this week broke the handle off! He said he’ll try to glue it back on, but I’m figuring it will never be the same. I’d love a new bento to try to replace Peter Rabbit! thank you!

Keep up the great work

Location: Hawaii

I guess my first entry for the Nigella book is disqualified…I forgot to put my location in. Oh well.