I've posted an update...

...over on Just Hungry In other words, I'll be back very soon. ^_^

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Re: I've posted an update...

I am glad you are feeling better. I only just recently discovered the JustBento blog and intend to buy your book, because it's all so good I must have both. I must admit I felt selfishly discouraged (as well as sincerely sympathetic) when I learned you were not well, because lots of bento blogs I found on the Web seem to be abandoned, and this one was too good to end: with its healthy, not-charaben orientation and its "recipes" section that saves users from scrolling through each and every post to find something, it is exactly what I was looking for.

By the way, do you know the Website called J-Simple Recipes? I really love it for Japanese recipes.

Take your time getting better! Muri wo shinaide kudasai!

Congrats on the tweet

Congrats on the book plug by Milla Jovovich. Not sure if you'll see any increase in sales, but it certainly can't hurt.

Re: Congrats on the tweet

I didn't even know. ^_^; Thanks for telling me!

Re: I've posted an update...

Welcome back then !
It means that you must feel better, and this is great news !

Take care ^^

Re: I've posted an update...

Received "Just Bento" and a bento box for my birthday from my adult kids, who knew I'd love it! Can't wait to work my way through the book! Having spent a couple of years in Japan (late 70's), I have always enjoyed Japanese and Japanese-inspired cuisine!

Re: I've posted an update...

Yay! I've missed you Maki! I'm glad you're feeling better. ^.^

Re: I've posted an update...

I have discovered your two blogs very recentlly and have been spending a long time reading their archives. It's hard to put into words -- especially in foreign words -- how grateful I am for all the essential information you shared for anyone interested in Japanese and Japanese-inspired cuisine. Even though I only know you through your written work, I felt worried when I read what you've been going through. I am happy that you are starting to feel better now.

Prenez soin de vous.

Re: I've posted an update...

Thank you for you have entered the joy and happiness to my heart
I wish you success and lasting success
And I hope that we will remain always sustained through this wonderful Blog

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