How to cook lotus root on Just Hungry

Just in case you follow Just Bento but not Just Hungry, I’ve put up How to cook lotus root over there. Lotus root is a nice alternative starchy vegetable, with lots of fiber. Plus it looks pretty without the need to fuss with it - perfect for bentos. (This is for you fossettes :))

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so many thanks

This is great, with your help, I’m strong enough to dompt this veggie! Special thanks to you.


I don’t really know the english words for this but I tagged you: So If you are OK with this, you have to respond on your blog to these questions: Which dish do you hate? What are your 3 favourite dishes or ingredients What would you like to cook but don’t dare? What is your best cooking experience or dish? What is your favorite beverage? You then have to tag 6 overs and put an invitation on their blog and a link to them in your blog. Thank you for playing, if you do it.


I can’t say there is any food that I absolutely hate (dislike a bit yes, but not hate…okay i will never eat some things but I don’t know exactly how they’d taste, since I’ve never eaten them) I’m also rather likely to try cooking most things at least once. (at the moment i’m contemplating brewing my own sake…) So…I think I’ll pass on this meme, but thanks for tagging me! : )

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