Help me to assemble a comprehensive Japanese grocery store and bento source list!

In case you read Just Bento but not Just Hungry - I’m finally embarking on a project I’ve always intended to tackle, but never got around to: putting together a good listing of Japanese grocery stores around the world. I’ll include bento supplies too, since many people who are interested in bento making are also interested in Japanese cooking, and vice versa.

If you have any stores, mailorder sources, and so on to recommend, please head on over here. With your help I’m hoping to assemble a really useful list!

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I can help you if you want a

I can help you if you want a list of Japanese groceries located in France. Let me know.

What about Quebec?

I looked everywhere I know in Quebec (which means not that much!) and I’ve found no bento supplies. If there’s somebody else from here, I’d be very glad if you add your good addresses to that list!


Hi Nolwenn! Please head over to this page and leave a comment with your suggestions!

Sophie, I haven’t gone through the Canada suggestions yet but I think I saw some Quebec listings. I’ll be updating the Canada page over the weekend!

another french idea

That you for the good job you’ve made! I’ve visited your page and think that you can add a link to “epicerie du monde” : which means “word’s grocery” and provides a good selection off japonese products. In Paris, Kyioko which you referenced is the best.

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