The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!


The giveaway is now closed. The winners will be contacted and announced later this week. Thank you everyone for entering!

To commemorate the new edition of The Just Bento Cookbook, I’m going to give away 2 signed copies! The new edition has the exact same content as the previous edition, but just has a slightly different form factor (a wee bit smaller (but not much), and no dust jacket (but the cover is printed in full color)). I am very glad it has been reprinted again; as I mentioned before, the original publisher closed its doors in March, but the publishing rights were picked up by another division of the same parent company, Kodansha USA. So anyway, here’s your chance to get your hands on one! It’s too late to get the book to the winners before the holidays, but it should arrive in the New Year when you’re all ready to tackle those healthy/frugal eating resolutions.

All you have to do is leave a comment to this post (not an email reply if you are reading this by email: click on the title to come to site, and post your comment entry here!) Be sure to put your email address in the appropriate box (it will be hidden from prying spammers, not to worry) so that I can contact you if you win. In the body of your comment, state the following:

  • where you are located in the world (everyone is eligible, as long as you live somewhere where mail can reach you)
  • your gender, profession and general age bracket (you can be vague about the age ^_^ I’m just a curious bunny about who my readers are)
  • who you make bentos for primarily - or plan to make bentos for if you havent’ started
  • (optional) What you want to see on JustBento. A specific recipe? A how-to? I’m all ears!

Only one entry/comment per person please! The deadline for posting your comment is 23:59:59 of Monday, December 19th CET (Central European Time). Two winners will be chosen at random, and I’ll contact them next week and announce them as soon as they’ve responded.

So…I look forward to seeing your comments! Good luck!

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Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

I am located in North Carolina in the United States.
I am a 36 year old female and a stay-at-home mom to a wonderful 2 year old little girl with another one on the way!
I am just getting into the idea of bento making and plan on doing it for my husband and myself mostly, and more for our daughter as she gets a bit older.
I would love to see more bento ideas using typical American food that are simple and dont' require a lot of preparation. We are a very busy household and I find myself grabbing bits of things here and there and would love to find a way to organize our meals better!

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

I'm a 37-year-old male living just outside of Seattle. I work for an airline, putting together pilot manuals, a job that is becoming increasingly electronic. I make bentos for my boy -- although he won't eat them if they're "too cute" (no smiley faces for him).

I like to see recipes for stuff that can be made in quantity ahead of time and quickly added during daily prep.

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

28 lady making bentos for myself when heading off to school
from LA -- always love seeing the recipes, I often save them for reference for later

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

Hello! I'm a female 23-year-old policy intern living over in Virginia, USA. I primarily make bentos for myself (and sometimes for my half-Japanese boyfriend when he's stressed).

What I really like on JustBento are the "sample" bentos that you post; they always inspire me to play with my food in different ways! I wish, though, that you would post more veggie side recipes...Always have to find more ways to eat my vegetables....

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

I'm a 40 year stay at home mom living in Sydney, Australia who primarily makes the bento for my kids to take to school and on weekends they too get into the spirit and we make 'em as snacks to take to the park.
Would be interested in seeing recipes without eggs and soy as my daugter is allergic to eggs and soy.

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

Hi, I'm female, in my early 30s and run a wholesale company in NY. I usually make bentos for my younger sister to take to work. She's a grown woman in her late 20s but, like me, still enjoys charaben :)

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

I'm a 24-year-old girl going to community college in Utah (planning to double-major in Asian Studies and Japanese Language), and I make bentos for my sister and myself every day for school. I love your recipes, especially tamagoyaki--whenever I bring it to school, my friends all mob me for some. And then there's your recipe for mitarashi dango, which I'm currently obsessed with.... Thank you for providing so many great recipes! Most of my bento staples come from your site, and I would love to have the cookbook so I could expand my repertoire. (My sister gets bored of hard-boiled eggs and hotdogs on days when I'm in a hurry.) (-_-;)

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

I am so excited about this! I am just learning about Bento and find it very interesting. Doctor is harping on me to eat during the day, not skip meals, but I truely don't enjoy take out food (with some exceptions). In fact, I love the protein box at Starbucks which reminds me of this concept. I felt like I hit all of the food groups in a nice portion controlled box. I cannot wait to get started on this! This book is on my Amazon Wish List!

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

I am in South Dakota, USA! Female, an accountant, 32 yrs old. I make bentos primarily for my 7-yr old daughter (8 next month) who's in 1st grade. But I also occasionally surprise my hubby with a bento, usually when he gets roped into the overnight shift at his work.

I love the practical, simple bentos you share. Things that are quick & easy (& messy is ok) cause they are realistic for full-time employed moms like me!

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

Hi Makikoh!
I am a 35ish mommy from Madrid, Spain. I work in the internet advertising industry, so I have quite little time for long lunches and so ;)
Cause I am a recent mother I have been trying to make healthier foods for me and hubby (and now the toddler!). He loves his kuruma bento box and I am desperately in need for new ideas to feed him! We usually have a bento box for lunch with rice and some kind of stir-fry.
I would love to see more furikake recipes on the site. Your site is awesome!!!!
Thanks for the contest!

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

I am a huge fan of the blog and would love to win the book!

I am 26 and live in the UK. I want to make bentos for my fiance who has returned to university but have to admit I haven't really got around to it yet. I work from home (I'm a translator) so I don't really need to make bentos for myself.

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

Thank you for this contest! If I'm not one of the lucky ones, I will be buying your book very soon, now that it is back in print. My daughter has your book, and I have looked through it. I wanted to buy it during the great JustBento shortage, but was unable to find a copy.

I live in northern New York State, in the western foothills of the Adirondack Mountains.
I'm female, an accountant at a non-profit agency, and 60 years old. You are never too old to enjoy a very good lunch at work.
I make bentos for myself, and it's all new to me. My daughter gave me a bento lunchbox for my birthday. I am enjoying treating myself to a better lunch than yogurt, buttered bread and an apple, my pre-bento staples.
What I want to see on JustBento are posts that you enjoy writing.

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

I sat a and read through all the lovely posts of your readers. I am so surprised to see how far in reaching your site is!!
I am a stay-at-home mom of 2 darling girls! I am thirty-something! Originally from Chicago, I am in a small town in Ohio these days! I celebrated my first "bentoversary" on September 30th of this year! I use your recipes primarily for my husbands bentos. He is mostly a meat and potatoes kind of guy, but I am trying to add more fruit and veggies into his diet. My eldest daughter, 7 years, is the reason i started bento. She developed many food allergies. When she came home from school she would be upset and complain "Why can't I eat what all the other kids have?" So I picked up a few boxes and dug out some wonderful bento sites. Now the other kids are jealous of her food!!! (that's the way it should be!! haha)
I was very impressed to see people making bentos for themselves to eat at home.... I need to start this! I have never made a bento for myself!! :o(
As far as what I'd like to see on this site... I think more substitutions. If you have allergies to (or just want to avoid) specific things, what can you use in place of them?
I would just adore a signed copy of your book! Thank you for the giveaway!
Be Blessed and hope you recover quickly!!!

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

I'm a 29-year-old writer living near Austin, TX, who makes bento lunches for herself and her brother. I rarely do anything creative (like charaben) with them, I usually just try to keep them colorful and healthy--though for my brother, "lunch" usually means sausage-octopi are thrown in among the previous night's dinner leftovers. (Haha!) I'd also like to become more proficient with bento-arrangement so that I can help my high-school age sister come up with creative ideas for her own lunches.

As far as the site goes--I'm thrilled with the information and photos that have been posted so far. So long as we can keep hearing good news about your health, Maki-san, I'll be happy! ^_^

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

I live in Regina, Saskatchewan (Canada). I'm a librarian when I'm working, but I'm currently at home with my 20 month old daughter. I'm 39. When I make bentos, they are currently for me or my husband, but once my daughter gets to school age I'm sure I'll be bento-ing for her too!

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

23 Year Old guy Medical Student living in Philadelphia, PA. Planning on learning how to pack bentos for myself!

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

Congratulations on another edition of you cookbook and good to hear you're back!
I would love to have a signed copy of your book.

I’m a 45 year old business consultant from Holland and I make bentos for me and my husband.
My professional live takes me to hotels a lot and all those miles on the road has made me gain over 20 kg. I lost 15 of them following a strict low carb lifestyle but this includes making and taking your own food, since roadside luncheons and fast-food diners are very high on carbs.
Looking for a stylish alternative for Tupperware last summer I came across the concept of bento and your websites Just Bento and Just Hungy. The bento concept is a lifesaver to me helping me to keep my weight in balance. And the tips you provide on you website make doing bento something that can be incorporated in a busy lifestyle. You have opened up a whole new world of tastes and cooking adventures for me and I like to experiment not only with traditional European products but also venture out into the flavours of the Orient. My colleagues are always curios about what I bring for lunch to our meetings.

In the past few months I splashed out on a couple of bento boxes, a Mister Zojirushi, a Unite three drawer box and a Sakura Urara family picnic box.
And since you’re asking: I would love to be inspired on the use of the Mister Zojirushi and the Family Sakura picnic box. So not a recipe per se (I love all your recipes) but examples on how to stack these bento’s would be lovely.

Please, keep on writing and inspiring us.

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

I'm first, and foremost, a food lover. I'm a 34 year old Australian woman now living in Japan with my Japanese husband and our 1 year old daughter. My parents are Italian, so I grew up eating a fusion of Italian food and multi-ethnic Australian foods. I am now trying to improve my Japanese culinary skills. I make a daily bento for my husband and I also make one for myself (I'm a part-time elementary school teacher). I love your traditional Japanese recipes. That is what attracted me to your sites primarily, so I hope to see more of these!

I'm glad you're feel well enough to start reaching us again. I read every entry and pore over your recipes whenever I feel like I'm in a cooking rut. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

Do want! :D

My name is Amanda, I am a girl (in case the name didn't give it away ;) ), I'm 26, and live between rural Missouri where I keep an eye on my grandmother, and Chicago where I live with my boyfriend and design wedding dresses! When I'm in Missouri, I make bentos for my grandmother to take with her to her doctor's appointments/therapy sessions, my uncles while they are at work, and my cousin while he is at school. When I'm in Chicago, I send bentos with my boyfriend to work. I also make a lot of bentos for my friends when we all go out together. I love making them because I can ensure my friends and family are eating something healthy instead of mcdonald's and taco bell every time they go out. It's also a simple way for me to show my affection for the people closest to me!

I think I'd like to see videos showing how some of the fancier bento things are made. I'm a very visual learner, and reading about how things are done doesn't really penetrate my thick skull as much as watching someone do it. :) While I can go to youtube and find videos, I prefer to get them from a site that hasn't led me astray yet :)

Anyway, I'd love a copy of the book! I put it on my christmas list, but I don't think anyone has picked it up for me.

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

Ahh.. I don't know if this has posted already, so excuse me if it is doubled/tripled!

* Scotland, United Kingdom
* Female, Part-Time Student, 23
* Boyfriend, Friends and Family. I made one in my Japanese Language class two years ago which was fairly well received.

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

I am located near Philadelphia, PA USA

I am a woman and am a communications trainer and coach, 40-45.

The main reason I became interested in bentos is because my daughter is gluten intolerant and I found the best way to help her to take care of herself is to pack a bento. I also homeschool her and we study a little conversational Japanese with a a little aikido. It is a great way to explore Japanese culture together.

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

Hello :) I love your site!

My name is Heather and I'm 19. Currently in Glasgow studying at university but grew up in Boston. I plan to make bentos for myself as a way of healthy eating/portion control but also because it reminds me of my grandmother, who immigrated to the states from Japan. She died a few years ago and though she was a part of my life, language and time prevented me from learning her life story and where she came from. I've always been interested in my Japanese heritage and bentos are a way for me to feel connected to it slightly.

I love the recipes you have here and on Just Hungry. I'd love to see a few more vegetarian dishes but so far I have loved the pickles and the mini cabbage rolls and most of what you put up. It's been a great experience getting to know bentos and experimenting. Thanks :)

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

where you are located in the world: Vancouver, BC, Canada

your gender, profession and general age bracket: male, make maps, 32

who you make bentos for primarily: haven't made them before, but would like to learn how

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

* California, USA

*Female, 20
*Profession: Master Procrastinator(student) :D!

*Being a halfy, I've always been interested in that side of my heritage and always experimented with different recipes to get in touch with my culture I never met or experienced. I just bought my boyfriend a Mr. Bento as a part of helping him stray away from fast food and enjoy healthier foods. Also, I want to get my grandmother away from those horrible foods that are ailing her health gravely; but she HATES bland and boring food. So I figured I could get her into bentos because they are delicious, portioned, and far from bland! A great way to help her with her health!

*I'm a bit obsessed with Tamagoyaki and it is my one of my favorites to cook! I've been wanting to heavily experiment with it: make it garden-y with spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, bell peppers, ect.(I'm vegetarian). But I'm afraid I would take away the essence of the culture by doing so; I like to keep things either original or mix it up a bit without losing the essence of what it is. So I would love to see lots of tamagoyaki variations and extra ingredients that would taste awesome without killing its identity. I've never read the Just Bento book, but I've longed for it for quite some time. Hope I can get one ^///^

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

Hi. I am a 30 year old stay-at-home mum from Australia with two young boys. I started bentos for my husband so he would have healthy but interesting meals to take to work. However I have also found the kids love the bentos and eat many more healthy items if they are able to pick and choose from a bento box (the same ingredients presented on a plate apparently don't have the same appeal).

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
I'm a 20 year old graphic design student. I'm also a woman!
I make Bento for myself, mostly. Occasionally for my friends and boyfriend. I plan to have a bento picnic on Monday when I return home for vacation.
I'd like to see some more Furikake recipes! I loved the bacon one! I'd also like to see more bento box reviews.~

Also please be okay, Maki. I hope you're feeling alot better. <3

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

OK, I'm at 47 yo housewife in beautiful Colorado Springs, CO. As it looks, I'll be returning to the public workplace mid next year, so I'll need a luch packed, and to leave somethine edible at home for my ill husband. I'm so used to just stepping in the kitchen and cooking that I know the whole pack-and-play is going to take some getting used to.

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

I live in Honolulu, Hawaii.

I am a female in my 30s. I work as a programmer analyst.

I make bento for myself, my husband, and my son.

I want to see the bento without wheat since my son has wheat allergy.

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

Hi! I live in America, New York. I am a(15-17) girl and I'm going to college in the spring.
I love Japanese cooking and I'm learning the Japanese language. I am the first in my family to introduce so many oriental recipes to my family that they cant get in some of the oriental restaurants around here Thanks to you!I have been trying out bentos, I don't own a real bento box yet but the tin I'm using is just as good. I make bentos for me and my little sister and hope to make some for even my dad at work or my brother at school when I get better. I always wanted the book to help me out with my bento making but could never get a hold of one, It was always out of stock so this could be my chance. I try to make up my own bento originals (recipe wise)which can be a little hard, so If you could put in your recipes something like, "If you use this type of fish, It will stay well in winter but hot weather can make this-and-this spoiled" so I can sort of piece together my very bento recipe and my mom wouldn't have to always hear me bugging her about what spoils on what condition! Otherwise this site is one of my favorites. Thank You and Get Well Soon!

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

Hi, Maki! I'm a 'woman of a certain age' who lives on the MS. Gulf Coast. I do a lot of volunteer work and like to make a bento for me when I'll be out of the house all day. Your blog has given me some wonderful ideas.

Happy holidays to all!

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

Located: USA
Female, college student, 20
I probably should start making bentos for myself~ Since I bought 2 bento boxes and haven't used them yet since I'm on the meal plan at school... But it will be certainly helpful next year when I have to make all of my food by myself!

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

Hi, my name is Diane, and I live in America. I'm 18 years old, and about to get into college. I'm learning how to make bentos for myself so I can hopefully keep up healthy eating habits in college. I'd also love to see a recipe on how to make authentic Japanese ramen.

BTW - I mentioned your website as a source of inspiration for me under one of my college application supplements. Just thought you should know. ;)

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

This would make my xmas sooooooooooooo veryyyyyyy special!
a gift i could share.....the very best!

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

I live in Whittier, CA. I am a 23 year old female vegetarian that works at the Deli/Bakery in Albertsons. I know, I know, I get the same reaction from everyone when they find out. I have no problem with people eating meat; I just have a problem about the way animals are treated and harvested. Anywho, I have never made my own bento box yet but am hoping to make my own soon. I had my first bento box last month when my friend made me one for a picnic. I instantly fell in love with them. Im hoping that when I start taking them to work, I will start a bento box trend :D

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

Hi Maki! This is so Cool!^^

Well, my country is Indonesia and I live in the city of Bandung, West Java.

I'm a 17-year-old girl, and still studying in my last semester in High School.

I like making simple bento everyday for lunch at school. Whether it's for my sisters or myself. My parents have lunch prepared by the office, so in normal case, they don't bring bentos to work.
The bento I made is often include some staples from the previous days' leftover, or something I can make quick in the busy morning.

I really really want to improve my skill in in making bento. Charaben is not my primary goal, but my goal to be able to pack a healthy balanced delicious and warming bento for my family. Making bento brings happiness and it makes us really looking forward to the lunch hour, YUM!

About JustBento website, I love this site! I like looking through the photos and the method in making bento. But to be better, I think the staples recipes should be added more.
Also maybe you can add some methods in making particular dishes (example from what already in the site, making smoked chicken, tamagoyaki, onigiri) Stuffs like that..
Last but not least, I think maybe it's a good idea to layout the site to be more colourful and attractive :)

Once again, thank you for making Just Bento, love it!^^

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

I am from Vancouver, Canada and I'm a girl student between 20-30s

I make bentos for myself to bring to school or to give to my sister who is also goes to school!

I really like your vegetarian recipes because a lot of my friends are vegetarian and they like to steal my lunches... so actually..... I'm not sure if more vegetarian recipes is a good or bad thing ._.;

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

I hope your health is improving. Best wishes.

For the past three months I have lived in Birmingham, UK but for 14 years prior to that I lived in Tokyo. I'm Canadian but I haven't lived there for twenty years now.

I'm female and a graduate student in my mid-forties.

I make bento almost always for myself but occasionally to swap with a friend.

When I lived in Japan I was happy with everything on the site but now I hope to see how to substitute ingredients I can't find here. (I can't even find piman :(
I often used to make bento with half home-made dishes and half supermarket sozai, so now I need to review some basic dishes and make everything myself.

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

I'm located in Wisconsin, almost exactly halfway between Milwaukee and Chicago. In other words just far enough from absolutely everything to be inconvenient. I'm female and a homemaker and a part time college student studying English and Japanese. I'm old for a college student but young for a housewife and I think that's as specific as I'll get on that.

I make bento for myself primarily. They make great lunches for school since they don't take up much space and if made well can be much better, more nutritious, and cheaper than anything I'll find in a cafeteria.

I actually started making bento when I lived in the dorms going full time. My classes were closely spaced enough that going to get a lunch made me late and classes went late enough for the cafeteria to be closed by the time i was done. There was a late night place open but it was a pizza, wings, fried things establishment and after a few days of that i decided enough was enough. I started making bento's and I just kind of never stopped.

I would love to see more meat recipes. I make bento for my husband now and then but he is a dedicated carnivore so it can be hard to put together something he will eat.

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

I would love to start making Bentos and this would be the perfect gift to get started with! :)

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

where you are located in the world (everyone is eligible, as long as you live somewhere where mail can reach you): Colorado, USA

your gender, profession and general age bracket (you can be vague about the age ^_^ I’m just a curious bunny about who my readers are): 28 year old female work part-time at a cookware shop

who you make bentos for primarily - or plan to make bentos for if you havent’ started: myself and boyfriend

(optional) What you want to see on JustBento. A specific recipe? A how-to? I’m all ears!: negi toro donburi

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

im located in rural champaign, illinois, usa.

im a stay at home mom. im 39 years old! my son is 2. i dont make bentos for him yet but i do for my husband and myself. i cook primarily korean and japanese homestyle foods (think soboro, chahan, bulgogi, mandu, nikomi hamburg, etc) and rice is the main part of about 70% of our lunches. the other 30% consists of last nights leftover pasta dishes, casseroles or egg salad or ham sandwiches.

i am particularly interested in more namul/banchan or "secondary" okazu since you make them once and they last though many meals. you have posted many many of those and for that i am grateful. in particular from your site i learned how to make iri tamago and gobo/carrot kinpira. the mains section i learned to make noriben and misoyaki x/y/z.

thank you for your site. it has been very very helpful. my korean and japanese is not the greatest so it is a chore to translate/figure out recipes from korean and japanese sites/cookbooks on my own; i rely heavily on people who post in english.

thanks again! i never thanked you before and i really should have said it much earlier. better late than never!

happy holidays!

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

Hi! I'm English-born, female, living in Ireland. I'm 34 and work as an editor for a search marketing company. I make bentos for myself, for lunch. I don't make particularly fancy bentos - they never look quite as pretty or delicious as yours, Maki - but they're usually healthy and hearty. My colleagues are always interested to see what I have in the different tiers of my box!

For things I'd like to see on your site...I guess more recipes with a low salt content would be good, since I'm sure I eat too much salt and should probably find ways to cut down! :)

I wish you luck and good health for the new year Maki, and a fast recovery from your recent health troubles.

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

I'm a 40-something mom in Baltimore, MD, USA. I'm a quality control agent for a payroll processing company. I'm learning to make bentos for my teenage daughter, who is completely enamored with anything and everything Japanese. Also, she is not particularly fond of what is offered in her school cafeteria, and this makes a nice, healthy change from ordinary sandwiches. She also enjoys making her friends envious because she says her lunch looks better than theirs!

Get better soon!

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

Hey there, this is Tiffany from California. I'm a university grad in my mid-20s working toward getting back to school. Bento-making (as well as much of my cooking in general) usually benefits me, but I always love being able to feed other people. :) I would love to see more one-pot dishes and bento-friendly desserts on Just Bento.

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

Hi, i'm an uni student and i'm 19, i live in Vietnam. i love to eat and just love your blogs.
i'm a novice in bento making but hope oneday i'll be able to make awesome bentos for people i love (start with my sister and dormates).

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

Where you are located in the world: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Gender, profession and general age bracket: Male, student, early 20's
Who you make bentos for primarily: Myself! =]
What you want to see on JustBento: More of anything

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

Washington State, USA

female, homemaker, 25-30 ;P

I'd love to make bentos for both myself and my husband-to-be, who is just starting to have to take his lunch to work after a job change and is thoroughly sick of sandwiches!

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

I'm Stephenie...
In the currently chilly state of Colorado is where I live, hedging closer to forty than I want to admit. I make bentos for myself, when I am not going to be at home, for I am not employed outside of the house. It's a serious money and waistline saver for this fry addict!

sauces! i'd love to see sauces to perk up foods beyond vinegary ketchup...

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

I am a 42 years old mother of 7 living in Spring Hill, TN. My hands are pretty full just keeping up with my children, but my husband and I bought 17 acres a few months ago and are restoring the land and intend on starting an organic farm. So I guess I'm a farmer too! Three of my boys are autistic and require a gluten free-casein free diet and bento seems like good lunch solution for them! I'd like to see some additional non-traditional recipes for Onigiri. Rice is such a easy starch to work with and the flavor combos are probably endless. I can't wait to make my first Onigiri tomorrow, hope they turn out...

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

Found this site a year ago and have loved it even since. I have made several of the recipes from this site, taken them to work and everyone loves them. I hope to get a copy of the book for Christmas but a signed copy would be even better.