The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!


The giveaway is now closed. The winners will be contacted and announced later this week. Thank you everyone for entering!

To commemorate the new edition of The Just Bento Cookbook, I’m going to give away 2 signed copies! The new edition has the exact same content as the previous edition, but just has a slightly different form factor (a wee bit smaller (but not much), and no dust jacket (but the cover is printed in full color)). I am very glad it has been reprinted again; as I mentioned before, the original publisher closed its doors in March, but the publishing rights were picked up by another division of the same parent company, Kodansha USA. So anyway, here’s your chance to get your hands on one! It’s too late to get the book to the winners before the holidays, but it should arrive in the New Year when you’re all ready to tackle those healthy/frugal eating resolutions.

All you have to do is leave a comment to this post (not an email reply if you are reading this by email: click on the title to come to site, and post your comment entry here!) Be sure to put your email address in the appropriate box (it will be hidden from prying spammers, not to worry) so that I can contact you if you win. In the body of your comment, state the following:

  • where you are located in the world (everyone is eligible, as long as you live somewhere where mail can reach you)
  • your gender, profession and general age bracket (you can be vague about the age ^_^ I’m just a curious bunny about who my readers are)
  • who you make bentos for primarily - or plan to make bentos for if you havent’ started
  • (optional) What you want to see on JustBento. A specific recipe? A how-to? I’m all ears!

Only one entry/comment per person please! The deadline for posting your comment is 23:59:59 of Monday, December 19th CET (Central European Time). Two winners will be chosen at random, and I’ll contact them next week and announce them as soon as they’ve responded.

So…I look forward to seeing your comments! Good luck!

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Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

So excited about this :)
I'm in the U.K right now, but originally from Germany (with an Australian/Malaysian/Chinese/German background).

I'm female, and a student in my final year of an undergraduate degree in English and German.

I started making bentos when I came to university and I make them for my flatmate and friend (and myself) most working days and for my boyfriend at special occasions...

Personally, I'm always particularly interested in chicken and vegetarian recipes (because I have a few food allergies to deal with), so thank you for all the lovely recipes you share! :)

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

Hi Maki!

I've discovered Just Bento by surfing on the biggest Italian bento community: pazzeperilbento
("pazze per il bento" could be translated "crazy about bento")

I'm an Italian girl and i'm 32.
Sadly i lost my work ç_ç
I make bento for me and my boyfriend.
I want (hope) to see on JustBento a post that say you're well and fully recovered :)
And maybe a post with ideas to fill a juubako for a picnic with bentofan friends.
A signed copy of your book will be an amazing gift!
Thank you.

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

Hi it's Sarina and I'm writing you from sunny Trinidad :) I am a 30-something lifestyle designer and full-time blogger who fell in love with the art of bento primarily through your site. I make them daily for myself (even though I work from home) and my bf. I've loved everything you've put on JustBento so far so I don't think I have any specific requests per se. If i really had to think of something maybe more 'fillers' and to continue with the great range of vegan options :)

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

where you are located in the world : "The Upstate" of South Carolina, USA
your gender, profession and general age bracket: Hmmm. A Lady of a Certain Mature Age with the job title of "Database Manager" (said Title not being very descriptive of what I actually DO ...)
who you make bentos for primarily - or plan to make bentos for if you havent’ started: Ah. Well, since I telecommute exclusively, I am not currently packing daily bentos, but in these uncertain times I am staying prepared to stagger out of bed and into an office at some point in the future. Meanwhile, I simply enjoy the esthetics of bentos (and recipes from here and Just Hungry!)
So nice to be seeing posts from you again! I do hope your health continues to improve - you have many readers pulling for you!

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

For what it's worth, I do a great deal of my work from home, and I find bento really useful for making sure I don't start snacking (that curse of working near one's kitchen!)

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

That's a great idea. I don't know why I never thought to do that. I always think of bentos as things that leave the house. Think I'll start making one for me too as I also have the snacking at home issue.

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

Looking to get into Bento making!

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

こんにちは Just Bento!

I am a fulltime Ph.D student leaving in Melbourne, Australia. I am a female and my age bracket is between 35 - 40. I just started bento after I saw your blog few months back. I mainly make bento for my husband and myself. I plan to make for my nephew when I get to see him in future. I like to see more budget design that doesn't cost much to make. That would be a bonus as we all know it may cost a bit to get those cute bento boxes and accessories. I am so hoping to win your book. I must confess that making bento is one of my de-stress method from writing my Ph.D thesis! >.<

Hope you are feeling better now and recovering from day to day! Take care. ありがとう 先生!

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

Hi there,
I am so excited about this, would love a copy of this to inspire me in making lots of lovely bento!
Age: 27 (soon to be 28!)
Location: Wales, UK
Profession: Massage therapist
All the bento will be for me! And maybe some lucky friends or family;)
I love all the recipies and would definitely be interested in seeing more veggie & vegan friendly recipies using British food...pretty please?!
Happy Christmas everyone,

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

I'm a female student from Singapore, am turning 20 in less than 2 weeks :)

Your blog inspired me to make my own bentos (and really, just to start cooking in general) and I make bentos for myself and my boyfriend :). Have lost a couple of pounds (ofcourse, with exercise) after starting my "bento-diet" and its always a joy preparing my own bento set for lunch everyday! I feel so much healthier now that I don't eat take-outs like I used to :D

Even if I don't get selected for the giveaway, I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for being such an inspiration :)

本当にありがとうございます!! ^^

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

I'm 30 and from Germany as well and make bentos for myself. A few months ago I have become allergic to soy, so I especially like untypical/non-traditional bentos which can be prepared without soy sauce.

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

So excited xD
Good luck everyone~

My name is Kalilah, and I live in New York City.

I'm a female college student, aged 22. I make bentos for myself and my boyfriend. We attend the same college and food there is terrible. This is the second semester that our cafeteria has been closed by the Health Department. :[

Your site is awesome, so I don't have any suggestions right now. Personally, I'm looking for ways to widen my list of foods and veggies that I'll eat.

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

I'm 37 year old housewife/painter/doll collector living in Poland. I've been making bentos for myself and my husband for some time now, and even took photos of them and posted on my blog. ~^^~ Thank you for being a great inspiration! *^v^*

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

Oh wow I'd love to get my hands on this book! I cannot find it locally!

Lemme see I'm Katie, a 26 year old, and public school art teacher for grades Pre-K through 5th in Memphis TN (think Elvis - I teach less then 10 minutes from his home!). I make Bentos primarly for myself and my daughter, Momo ,for daycare. Since I have to carry so much with me I've discovered these bento boxes out of New Zealand at a local warehouse shop and they've made my life much easier for bentoing. Maybe you could do a review about them in the future?

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

My name is Randy, and I live in Yonkers NY, just outside the limits of NYC. I am 42, male, and an academic physician (I treat patients at teach at a University hospital.) I make bentos and other takeaway lunches for myself; the hospital cafeteria gets boring and expensive.

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

Hi Maki! I'm glad you're starting to feel a bit better! :) I love getting your updates.

I'm currently living in Urayasu, Chiba, Japan. Just moved here less than a month ago from Las Vegas, Nevada. Still adjusting to living in Japan but I bought a 100yen bento box on one of my first outings so that I'd have something to use until I get paid and can afford something a little nicer for myself.

I'm a female caricature artist (drawing at Tokyo Disney! fun! but exhausting at times) aged 24. Since I work in such a huge park there's an employee cafeteria but I fear I'd be too tempted to eat MSG laden udon/ramen noodles every day at lunch, so I try to pack lunches for myself the night before...

I make the bentos for myself. Sometimes I get lazy and simply fill a tupperware with the leftovers of a saucy meal from the night before (spaghetti with a tomato & veggie sauce or hayashi raisu/curry raisu) but I try to generally be fairly health conscious when I pack them. I love how being in Japan gives me access to a lot of wonderful premade items like kinpira, tamagoyaki, croquettes (though not exactly healthy, everything in moderation), hijiki & carrot salad, etc. The food and markets here are unbelievable :D but expensive and not knowing what's going into the food makes me nervous at times. So planning ahead and trying to make health and budget conscious meals is really important to me. I whole-heartedly believe in trying to eat as much whole foods as possible, as well as the idea that I should eat a wide variety of foods on a daily basis (I once heard that the Japanese try to get 20 different items in a day, did I read that on here? ;) )

I'd like to see a more in depth explanation of various Japanese veggies (what are those adorable baby white radishes good for? or chrysanthemum greens?) or even more ideas of things to do with block shiritaki since it's such a great weightloss tool! All I really know to do with it is simmer it in a sauce nimono style with renkon/lotus root, daikon and carrot... Most of your recipes are fabulous already and paired with your sister site I really don't have much else I could ask for. You do a wonderful job, keep up your excellent work! Ganbarou! <3 <3

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!


I am originally from Malaysia, moved to Australia in 2004.
I am a proud mum with 2 beautiful little girls.
I am an old mummy aged 45. :)
I tried to make Bento for my 2 girls.... every now and then and whenever I can manage!!:)

Love to have a signed copies of your book!!

Hope you are recovering well day after day!! Stay healthy, happy and cheerful!!

Warmest regards, Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you and family// Christy

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

* I live in Barcelona
* I'm a woman, phd student, 26yrs old.
* I make bentos every workday for my lunch

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

I am a mid 20's male accountant in Pennsylvania who makes bentos for himself

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

I'm a 30 year old teacher from Germany. I'm planning to start making Bentos for my boyfriend, who has finally found a new job, and thus needs a packed lunch, and is a huge fan of everything japanese, and myself.
Since I thought about buying the book after New Year's I guess I might as well try to win it :)

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

Hi Maki!

I loooove bentos, but I don't get a lot of chances to make pretty ones. I'm sort of clumsy, so the book might help a lot!
I'm 32, from Sao Paulo, Brazil, and I cook bentos for myself only. I work in legal compliance.
What I'd like to see in the blog is more "leftover bentos". I usually have dinner at my house and I have so much leftovers that I try to fit nicely into my box, and could use some more tips :)
Take care and happy holidays!

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

I'm a postdoctoral researcher in materials chemistry working in France, but I'm originally from Germany. I'm 29 years old, female and (freshly) married. I used to make bentos for myself during my PhD studies (finished last year and am now a doctor ;) ), but I really like to restart eating more healthy; and more homemade, too.
Sometimes I still make bentos for me, my husband and for friends when we travel. Your book would just be the motivation I need to restart bento-ing on a more regular basis...

Your blog is wonderful, by the way, you don't need to change ;) Nice, colorful photos, inspiring recipes and fun to read! Keep it up!

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

I'm a mom in my early 40's. I make bentos for my kids and my husband. If I'm heading out of the house here in Michigan U.S.A., I'll make a bento for me and my 4 yr old shadow. I've been getting inspiration from you for about My daughter who introduced me to the idea of bentos in the 7th grade is a senior in high school now and is addicted to the hanban chicken and those onions! Can't blame her a bit. Like all of your recipes I've tried, they're both delicious!
Thank you

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

Ohhh a giveaway... I'm in

I live in England (Royal-mail land) and I'm a part time student and part time worker
Also I'm a 20 year old girl~ ...or woman... and I just started on my bento making adventures, my onigiri are getting better, I mostly cook for myself or other people cooks for me >////<

I would like to suggest something but nothing comes to my mind
But I do enjoy your blog a lot, so thanks for writing and working on it :)

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

Hi Maki,

I just found your site recently and put your book on my amazon wishlist. Bentos are a little passion of mine as when I was younger it was the only packed lunch I would eat which my Japanese mother would make dutifully and my Scottish father couldn't understand why a simple sandwich just wouldn't do!

where you are located in the world: currently living in the UK but used to live all over the world
your gender, profession and general age bracket: female, going to be turning 30 soon, work in the IT industry in Reading UK
who you make bentos for primarily: I make bentos for me and my husband, who loves them, though he always says I should use more potatoes than rice. The bentos I make always have a minimum five different veg requirement that way I know he's had his five-a-day so if he works late and has dinner on the way home I don't have to worry if he didn't have any veg with his dinner. ^_^
What you want to see on JustBento: would love another Kyoto inspired bento!

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

Hey! I am a 37 year old mother of 2 small boys. I live in Lafayette, LA and work as a forensic chemist
I love looking at all the bentos you make to get ideas... I've bought the box, now I need direction! I plan to make them initially for me, but for my boys once they're old enough for school.
I would LOVE to see a traditional Okinawan yakisoba recipe! I lived there back in 95, and it was my absolute favorite thing to eat, but haven't seen a really good recipe to make it at home!
Thanks so much, and hope you're feeling well!

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

I'm from Upstate New York, Poughkeepsie specifically.
I'm a 27 year old engineer. Guy.
I mostly make bentos for myself. Pack my own lunches to eat in the cafeteria with my friends.

I enjoy the warm lunches since most days that is what I try to pack. Always looking for ideas and lunch inspirations.
Thank you!

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

I live in Toronto, Ontario.
I am a financial services professional. I really adore the bento experience, and would like to be more informed about the idea, especially how to keep the food fresh / and away from spoiling. Currently, I primarily prepare bentos for my elder daughter for her lunch bag during school.
I really love the recipe you put on your website.

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

I am Alienor (31 years old) and I live in Paris. I work as a doctor in the hospital, and I prepare bentos every day for my lunch, which impress a lot my colleagues!
Thank you for the recipes and the descriptions of restaurants and places in Japan!

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

What a great contest!! Your book has been on my Amazon wishlist, but a signed copy would be so awesome! Lots of well wishes that you continue to heal and that your treatments go well. xoxo

I'm in the USA, in Michigan - I'm 31, female, and I work in an office sitting at a desk all day... :(

I make bentos for myself, mainly. I have made them for my husband as well, but they often turn out too small for his taste! ^^

I really enjoy the recipes that are quick and easy to make, along with the more "traditional" recipes. Soups are always good too, especially in these cold winter months!

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

I'm 29 from Brazil, this website is my reference for all bento related stuff, helping me and some friends learn more and more about this amazing way to eat wonderful food. =D

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

Hi Maki!

I'm a female in my early 30s :) and I live in New Hampshire. I work in the software industry and bring my lunch to work just about every day, in some form or another. I made my first bento lunch for myself and my husband last week, and I love the idea of simple, well-balanced but yummy meals at lunchtime! Love the site and all I'd like to see here is more recipes!

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

Howdy Maki from Texas!
I am 40ish, female, married with two grade school children. I like making bentos for my family and myself. I'm not organized enough to make them every day, but always feel proud when I can. I work in state government as an auditor.

I love all things you post on Just Bento. But my particular favorites are those in which you teach basics or write about and give recipes about very typical Japanese dishes and culture.

Wishing you full recovery and better health in the new year.

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

I am a female works in a university in Baltimore U.S. It has been the 3rd year since I start working (that tells something about age :)) I make bento everyday for my self. Not super cute ones, but the full-filling goodies for a healthy lunch. I really like you post how your arrange your lunch in those cute bento boxes. Also I like the family recipes you post. Thanks.

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

OOOO pick me pick me!!!! I've been ooo-ing and aaaah-ing over your cookbook for months on Amazon, but alas, all book money funds tend to go into books for my little girl ;)

My name is Sabine, and I'm from Vancouver, Canada. I make bentos for my 2 1/2 year old - she LOVES them! She freaks out and jumps up and down shouting, "Bento, bento!" when the boxes come down :) I also make bentos for my husband and myself. He's Japanese, and a cho-nan, and a bit jealous to be honest that I take more care in preparing my daughter's bento than I do in preparing his... ;) I'm big on whole, natural food, which is why I love your recipes. As a full time working mom, I love any and all johbisai recipes :) One thing I've always wanted to attempt to make, though I'm not even sure this is possible at home, is raamen. Hope you are well and HEALTHY! Thank you!

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

I hope you are feeling better! Ogenki de ne!

I would love to win a copy of your book!

My name is Carolyn, I am a public speaker and organizing expert from the Ann Arbor, Michigan USA area. You can learn more about my work at I am also a wife and mother of two young children, who eat my simple bentos. Let's just say, I am over 35.

Since I lived in Japan years ago and my kids adore Japanese food, I would love more simple bentos for busy working moms.

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

Here some informations about me.

Location : Victoriaville, Québec, Canada
Gender : female
Profession : Graphic designer freelance
Age : 25 years old

Who make bento : I prepare bento for my boyfriend and I

What do I want to see on JustBento : It may be funny if we can watch videos about recepies

o-bento <3


I'm a 24-year-old female graduate student from Italy :) I fell in love with bento-making a few years ago when I visited Japan, hosted by local families. I started bentos for myself - with the help of the how-tos and the awesome recipes in your blog - because the canteen of my Swiss university where I study now is too expensive xD I will start working seriously hopefully soon, and I'll afford to buy a rice cooker and Japanese food items (and meat... you know how expensive it is here!), to make better bentos :D

I appreciate when you put recipes with easy-to-find ingredients, so I am always eager to see more of those :) Anyway, thank you so much for all the great tips and pics!! ^_^

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

Hi, I'm Scott from Minneapolis, MN, USA.

I'm a 47 year old office monkey man making bentos for myself as a way to cut costs and brighten my day.

I appreciate the simplicity and practicality of your offerings on this site and in the book and would like to see more of the same. I find myself clicking on "non-Japanese" more often, so maybe more offerings from other places you've lived in your world travels.

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

I Live in Provo Utah, that is in the US, way up in the mountains. Everyone says I am strange because I love sushi. Well I may be but I also love healthy food and that is most important when you are away from home. The bentos are all for me. I will be 51 just before Christmas, and being as i am female, everything tries to go to my hips. Not a good thing. In the valley where I live there is one Japanese restaurant and they are so far out of my price range that i can't afford to breath the air near the building. So hopefully you will pick me so I can bring a little good food into my life and maybe get my friends to think about what they are eating too.

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

My name is Denise. I live in Winfield, KS. USA. I was lucky enough to get to live in Japan for 3 years in Fussa-shi at the Yokota Air Force Base and got addicted to Japanese foods.

I am a 33 year old mother of one (I'd still like to have another one, but it doesn't seem to be in the cards).

I just finished my schooling and now have a BA in Business Administration with a minor in Psychology. I am also a CNA. I now get to start looking for a full time job so I can start adding to the income of the family.

I'm working on making bentos for my husband and son (when he starts school that is all day), and maybe myself if I ever get a job.

I haven't been reading for a very long time, so I don't know if you've covered this before. But my husband's favorite japanese meal is Katsudon. My son is pretty picky about what he eats, but he likes a lot of meat and fruit. So it would be nice to see a "meat-a-tarian" bento

Thanks for doing what you do. It gives me lots of ideas to work with.

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

I am a male recent mathematics graduate who is working on his startup project from England…

I make bentos for myself — I make sandwiches sometimes but sometimes I like to whip up a quickie bento in a few tiny lunch boxes (I don;t have a bento box per se) wrapped together with some fruit in a Furoshiki cloth.

I want to see more difficult recipes — the ones which take long to prepare, but are worthwhile the wait. Say Japanese pickles to add to the bento, of marinading chunks of tofu or meat, cooking them a day before, and using them for the bento… I will go off and eat now — I got hungry thinking about it ;p

Also maybe a design project to release JustBento super bento box? (based on all the best features of existing bento boxes combines into a really nice super bento box :D)

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

I'm Barbie, and I live in Makati City in the Philippines. I'm 33 year-old female who's currently in between jobs and freelances as a writer to get by. Since I work from home, I rarely make bentos anymore, but when I did, I made them for my partner and myself. Someday I want to start making them again, this time for myself and my siblings. :) Maybe your book is just what I need to get inspired to do so! :D

I really would like to see more tips on how to keep bento fresh till lunch time, or a guide to what keeps best. or maybe even a guide to keeping bento from shifting during travel? I'm a relatively okay cook, but I seriously suck at packing. My old bento boxes were partitioned, so I guess it made me lazy. :p

Glad to see you're feeling better, by the way. :) Crazy as it sounds, I keep you in my thoughts when praying, and hope for your quick recovery.

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!


I thought I'd use this as an opportunity to introduce myself since I am a frequent lurker at both of your blogs.

I am a mid-twenties female marketing professional located in Texas, US.

My husband is from Nepal, and I frequently make Nepalese and Japanese-inspired bentos for him.

I love the bento content, but I am even more fascinated by your personal life that I read about at Just Hungry. I would love to read about your most memorable bento-eating experiences in Japan, Europe, and elsewhere. Complete with details about the day, scenery, and how the bento complimented the mood.

Your recent health struggles have really made me appreciate having your blogs in my life. It is such a delight to read your articles, and you are creating such a great legacy and contribution to world culture. Please stay strong and keep blogging...for all of us! :)

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

Hi! I'm 14 years old, female and a student. I'm from New Jersey!

I like to make bentos for myself because they're much better than cafeteria food.

I would like to see some easy, quick recipies with easy to get ingredients. I love japanese food but I can't get many of the japanese ingredients.

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

Hi Maki!!!

I hope you are much better, i have been read your blog's for the past year and have inspire me to begin the bento making more thoughtfully and next year it will be the "bento-diet" :)
I'm from Panama, I'm 25 years old and a architect.
I make bentos for myself to bring to the work. I will like to see more short time recipes and more Japanese recipes that we can use in a bento, i like a lot the Japanese food.

Happy Holidays to you, guy and everyone. :)

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

o from Virginia, near Dulles Airport
o 40-something single mom of two (10 & 8 year olds)
o when I have my act together, I make bentos for my kids and me; unfortunately I'm a lazy cook and it takes so much out of me to come up with a menu :(
I'm a half-Okinawan (other half American) who wants to be able to cook stuff for my kids that I loved when I was little. Your cookbook has been on my Amazon wish-list for I don't know how long; I don't know why I haven't just gotten it for myself yet, but a signed copy would be awesome! <3
Love both JustBento and JustHungry and followed you on Twitter during the Japan crisis. I am a huge fan of yours, Maki-san! Take care of yourself and keep up the good work!

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

Hi, I'm a South African , currently living in Japan! Like many foreigners here, I am teaching English. Unfortunately I cannot buy your awesome book in english in japan, ( even on, so winning one will be a wonderful treat.

I am in my late 20"s and make bentos for myself each working day, of course I do take a peak at my students and co-workers bentos for ideas when I can ( trying to be discrete). I try to use as many veggies in my bentos as possible, and less rice than the bentos I see here in Japan, for health and taste reasons, plus a box full of colourful veggies ( and a bit of fruit) fills me with happiness from the moment I open it up

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

I'm Jackie and live in Connecticut, USA.
I'm 26 and a database analyst at a market research firm.

I make lunch for my fiance and myself every day, and I'm trying to get fancier bentos going.

As for new recipes, I just love being surprised! I lived in Japan for a year in college and miss my host mother's cooking. Japanese food is just awesome!

Re: The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!

Hi'm 26, from Tampa Bay in sunny Florida, USA. I make bentos for me and my husband but nothing as nice as you. I need some more lunchtime equipment to create that kind of art.