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I'm sure I'm not the only one that enjoy killing some time by lusting over bento boxes that I would love to have, but are not available for international shipping, or I cannot justify the cost to get them. Especially when shipping + custom fees greatly exceeds the value of the box itself, and I have plenty of boxes that are functional and work well for me, even if not as cute.

If I won the lottery, I would probably buy one of each of everything from . I love the wooden boxes, I love the kimono ones, I think the Ojyu Bento would be great for picnics, and I'm sure the metal ones would be very practical. WabiSabi would be great for the boy, and the onigiri ones are soooooo cute. And the bowl-shaped ones would be good for a change.

I'd also love an insulated bento set like the ones from Muji For some reason Muji does not carry it in Italy :(

So I'm curious , what is on your fantasy shopping list? :)

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Re: Window shopping

I'd raid if I have the money too xD

I'll splurge on the onogiri boxes, the red sakura banto box and the owan tsukimi box (perfect for donburi), and share them with my sis.. Get my brother the "dragon" bento box (the character is part of his chinese name) and then I will hunt for barans, sauce containers and disposable bento cups.

Actually, come to think of it, barans are not that practical. They do make your bentos look prettier but you can use vegetables such as lettuces to substitute it. Hence adding more nutrition in your bento. For soy sauce bottles... I do not really need them because there are lots of unused shoyu fishies that are sitting around in the fridge from buying sushi..

*smacks face*
How could I miss out on vegetable cutters and egg molds?!


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Re: Window shopping

one more:!stmenu_template.main?

I've seen similar one (but not enameled in pretty colours!) in chinese shops, however I never got one because they hold too much food for one person, and they only stay closed if you use all the compartments.
However after seeing these ones I want to go to a picnic :P

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