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So my nan has had a bumper crop of tomatoes this year, which means every family member has to take some haha! So we now have a bunch of lovely tomatoes, but they are really ripe so I need to use them asap. Just wondering what to do with them. I don't fancy making some sort of ketchup to be honest. I did think of making some mini quiches (bento friendly as well then!) as the whole family should eat that. But not sure what else I could do, quiche seems a bit... boring and samely, especially as mum has made a few over summer already.

Any other ideas at all? Don't have to be bento friendly either lol


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Re: Tomatoes

I don't know if this resembles too much ketchup in your opinion ;) but I would probably make some sort of pasta sauce base. Just add onion, herbs, arugola, garlic, make different variations, and you can leave it chunky and nice. Freeze it in portions and use it later as a base for sauces and casseroles and on top of pizza etc.
If you want to eat as much fresh ones as possible, tomatoes make a lovely salad. Just add sweet onion. Or mozzarella cheese and basil and olive oil. Yummy!


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Re: Tomatoes

You could just make tomato purée and bottle or freeze it. Or, even easier, throw the tomatoes in a bag and put them in the freezer as is. Then when you want tomatoes for cooking, take some out (they don't stick together) and dunk them in boiling water while still frozen. The skins defrost immediately and are really easy to slip of the rest of the still frozen tomato.

Another thing is slow roasted tomatoes (, then you can freeze them. They're super tasty in quiches and suchlike.



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Re: Tomatoes

Making a sauce or puree sounds good. And I didn't know you could just freeze toms!

The slow roasted sound mega tasty, kind of like sun dried I'm guessing and I love them! So I may do that! :D

Thanks for the ideas!

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Re: Tomatoes

yummm, yes - go for the slow oven roast!

i often cook up tomatoes for breakfast, or with the usual onion, garlic, chilli plus either (or/and, I guess too!) lentils, chickpeas, 4 bean mix plus some spices that you like for a kind of curry or different spices for a kind of tex-mex chilli dish. This dish freezes really well too. Chorizo sausage makes a nice addition also.

If you want some actual recipe, I'm sure I could dig up my original inspiration/s from the shelf above the stove :)

Have fun using up all the tomatoes!

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Re: Tomatoes

You could make chili sauce. it's good on a lot of things - eggs, meat, etc.

Re: Tomatoes

Soup is a wonderful way to use up a ton of tomatoes, and it's great with the colder weather coming. Freezes well too -- some for now, some for later.

We used up almost everything out of our garden making tomato & tarragon cream soup last week. =)

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