From Swine Flu To Bentos

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I never normally go for introductions but here it goes...

Hi all, I'm (nearly) 23, I'm from England, and I've been making bentos whole week now!

It was a complete accident that I came across all this. Me and my boyfriend spent a week laid up with swine flu (it's not fun!), and his housemates had us quarantined to one room! So with no TV channels, no DVD player, no outside world, and only a Playstation and a semi-functional laptop for entertainment, I planned to use my time to research sakura for a 'project' I'm working on.

That...didn't happen. I have a short attention span, found an image of a beautiful bento styled to look like sakura, and that was it. I spent a week, a WEEK, looking at bentos, and taking down recipes, and planning what I would make...and I'm already hooked.

Making bentos appeals to me for a couple of reasons. I really like fitting all my lunch into a comparatively tiny box. For me, it helps me realise I don't need to eat so much to fill myself up. It has really helped with my portion control.

Another is that I'm able to eat a greater variety of food. I LOVE to cook, and I've been told I'm pretty good at it. But ideas for lunches really stumped me. After visiting Just Bento, it's given me so many great recipes and ideas that I look forward to lunch time!

And, for the first time in 23 years, I've found that I don't mind eating rice. Silly I know, but because I have such a distaste for white, long grain, basmati-type rice, I never thought to try anything else. Turns out brown rice is actually quite yummy.

Anyway, that's me, I hope to meet a bunch of lovely people here, and get more tips and ideas for my bentos, and maybe even discover and share a few things for myself!

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Re: From Swine Flu To Bentos

Welcome, GiiGii!

Don't be amazed that it has taken you 23 years to discover bento; I am over 50 years old, of Japanese descent, and only just gotten into bento making!

You are right about the benefits of portion control and adding variety to our meals. I also love the compact, and graphic design aspect of bento-ing. When I assemble a meal and it looks a little blah, I remind myself to check for the 5's. Five colors, five styles. It always boosts my bentos.

I've started making bento for my husband once or twice a week. With the change in the U.S. economy, he has noticed that others in his office are also bringing their lunch (although he claims that his is the most beautiful). One of his friends says that he is saving $50 a week by bringing his lunch. So if we save $10-$20 a week, I can justify buying a few bento boxes. ^_^

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Re: From Swine Flu To Bentos

Another benefit t is the lack of rubbish you produce. No wasting of paper or plastic bags or wrap. I try very hard not to use disposable anything in my bentos. They're often not terribly beautiful, but their carbon footprint is small!



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