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Since I started bento-ing I have been trying to find good stores for bento-stuff in the Netherlands... which is not easy. While there are a lot of small eastern supermarkets in Nijmegen, they are usually more focussed on Indonesian and Chinese products.
But... a while ago I went to a very very big Asian supermarket, it's calles Amazing Oriental and they have quite a few stores across the country. The first time I went to Delft, I think this is the biggest, and yesterday I went to Arnhem, which is smaller, but they've got a lot of useful products.
Unfortunately they haven't got any bento boxes, I'm still looking for a store in the Netherlands (or maybe closeby in Germany) that does sell them (anyone know of a store?).
I have bought some plastic moulds for onigiri though, and two different sorts of furikake and even yokan (which I love!). Of course I bought a lot of other things as well, I simply couldn't control myself, but I think thos things are harder to get hold of in other stores.
So, maybe I helped some fellow Dutch bento-ers here, I do hope so.
But I'm still looking for better/other stores... preferably those who sell boxes or bigger onigiri-moulds...

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Re: Stores in the Netherlands


Haven't been able to find decent bento boxes anywhere, so I'll just keep shopping on ebay and jlist...

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